another rainbow: a trick of the light

The same day that I saw Jesus, after my picnic in the park in Mornington Crescent, I made my way home thru the brilliant sunlight, via Regent's Park, where I met Jeannine.

I drink a LOT of water, especially on hot days, and just as I entered the park went straight for the map to find the Ladies' Room (just realised: that's featuring a lot in my posts recently). Turns out Janine was looking for it, too. So we were basically walking/running together, total strangers, thru the park. As we got there I asked her to please wait after, so I could shoot her. It's funny how opposite Jeannine is to Joyce in several ways: she's petite, blond, fair, and so she chose black for her jumpsuit, to Joyce's white shorts and top.

This never happens (apart from the other day) but every shot I got of her had a rainbow. Unbelievable. I don't know anything about her, apart from the source of her cute little one piece black.. what do you call it? It's like a mini jumpsuit. It's Primark.

Just back from a magic magic weekend in Herefordshire and at the Hay Festival. Exhausted. Can't wait to show you shots. I remember how last summer, everyone was wearing something simple and short and black, like Janine. This year, total floral motif. Stay tuned.

So what'd you do this weekend? Hope it was glorious! xo


Sarah said...

love her jumpsuit! You always come across the most stylish people Jill! xx

Hellen said...

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jill said...

Thank you both! Hellen, I've just taken a quick peek @ mintmelon, and thank you, it looks great: cheap, and quite creative & quirky & fun. I saw some great stuff just randomly looking around. Have you bought anything yet? Is the quality okay (for that price?) You gotta love the name: mint melon. Yum.

Sarah: thank you. I pay them. Kidding!! xo

Anonymous said...

The first picture is fantastic! Her outfit is very simple, but this is what I like about it.

xoxo Sandra

Love Food said...

Great pictures.
That scarf she has is so pretty with her jumpsuit.

Anonymous said...

The first picture is amazing. You have captured the moment really well. She looks pretty and genuine and stylish in a very unpretentious way. Kindest regards, Laura

LittleRachael said...

lovely jumpsuit! The scalf is pretty too.

Little Rachael Vintage

Platform P said...

Loving her playsuit. She looks gorgeous, her legs are endless!


The Photodiarist said...

How lovely.

Alyssa said...

In the states we call those "rompers" :)