big bow, baggy pants

Good morning! My laptop cord is wonky and every time I try to post, it crashes. Mr. Dot is already at yoga class, which starts in two minutes. Holding my breath this will post before it crashes. Will come back to you with these designers.

Note: sandals with socks. I've been wearing them all these years, it's such a vindication that suddenly, it's cool.

Oh! If you're in or near London, today is the Annual Open Garden Square Day. I don't dare link it as time is of the essence, but google it: you can get inside the private gardens. We'll be at ours after yoga, hope to see you there.

Again, thank you to SHOPGIRL, of Sugar and Spice, for sourcing the designer of the previous two posts: Ludmila Maida of Northumbria University.


Silkybow said...

Loving the first picture!
I agree, I love pairing sandals with socks :)

Roxy said...

the last pic is the best...the dress is beautiful


Irina Lori said...

Amazing blog! Did you take all this pics? :)

Adorngirl said...

The collections look really great, but as much as the winning collection was good, there were some others I thought to be better, and more innovative. I couldn't be a judge, because I had so many favourites.

the nyanzi report said...

Hey Jill. Yoga and fashion is quite the combination. I've missed this year's GFW but i'm loving this post.

The Photodiarist said...

Nice work, Jill.

Olivia Isabella. said...

First outfit is divine... I love socks with sandals!
UO x

Shopgirl said...

You're welcome :)

jill said...

Thank you all!

ivoreece: yes, all mine ; )

Adorngirl: I agree. I got there after the 1:00 show started, assumed I'd just go for the 3:30, but Tanya said I could still get in to see the first one (it was the same show). So I basically shot the 'runners up' first, then caught up on the second show. I felt that many of that group were as good or better than the first group.

IMHO ; )

Anonymous said...

Great pictures. I love the first and the second photo

Unknown said...

Hi Jill! I've tried the sandals and socks thing but always wimp out before leaving the house! Maybe I don't have the right sock and sandal combo... Would love some of those Pierre Hardy for Gap sandals that Canned Fashion Natalie wears so well with socks here http://www.cannedfashion.com/2010/02/vanessa-jackman.html
I think I will trawl ebay for some!


FashionBerlin said...

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