a cinderella story: blue suede shoe

Well file that under 'a morning of my life I'll never get back.' I've got this lovely new laptop, but when I uploaded over 600 shots from as six different days and events, it somehow at first, disappeared, and when I did finally find it, they're not in folders for the day. I've been losing shots right and left and all I wanted to do was find these Rare shoe shots!

I just wanted to show you a detail of the shoe Jazmine (aka Jazzabelle) wore in yesterday's post.

Because the samples were just for one foot, there was a lot of lopsided walking around. Anyway, I think I'm finally sorted, but it's a real mess. Sorry about that because there are sooooooooo many shots of so many fabulous people that I really want to get onto!

I'm having one of those days. I wish it would stop. Meanwhile, at least, I've found the damn shoe. Isn't it a stunner?


Silkybow said...

wowowo those looks so goood! @_@

The Photodiarist said...

Yes! It is pretty wild.

Christine ♡ said...

I absolutely love it, great for short people like me.

Cecylia said...

Love love love your new shoe!

Chloe said...

It's really awesome, but I feel like I would have super sore ankles after wearing them. xx