dokkim: because we're worth it

Jen, Nat and I had infiltrated my wardrobe HQ recently (yet to upload, but when I do you'll be the first to see) and I was so excited at the idea of suggesting a product to Susannah, so I told her about these amazing bags from Dokkim. You might notice that I didn't link Dokkim, that's because they don't have a website. Yes, you've read correctly: no website.

In fact Dok Kim, which is his name, is from Korea, altho he's lived in the States a long time. And when I met him last year in Palm Beach, he didn't even have an email address. Just a printed postcard with his Palm Beach store location (he's also got a store in Nantucket, where he has a summer home), and a telephone number. So he's crossed the line and bought himself a telephone. A land line.

When I asked him how people buy his bags without a website, he said: 'My customers know where to find me'. He is absolutely lovely, so zen and serene.

And his bags are amazing. You might have noticed, I can get all excited about shoes, but I don't really post about bags. I don't get them, for starts. I can't tell what makes a particular designer bag special. I mean, I can understand some are real leather and the cheap ones aren't - the way I can tell is my cheap bags start peeling - but frankly, I prefer a cloth sack. Especially the big ones: it seems a big cruel to kill a whole cow just for little old me.

Except for these. They're made from the same materials and process as traditional tatami mats.

He makes solid leather style, too, but these leather and rattan just appeal to me. He showed me the inside: they've got all kinds of beautiful compartments. I don't know much in this crazy fashion world, but I do understand that these are well crafted. And expensive. The store is on Worth Avenue, which is like ground zero for shopping in the most WASPy white, richy rich city in America and possibly the world. So he is either very well connected, or he's selling these babies to SOMEONE. They sell for about $300- $500 USD, which isn't insane, and if I ever start earning serious money of my own, I want to buy one.

Meanwhile, by sheer coincidence, when I tried to see if anything was online about them, I found this. And coincidentally, the site is called WorthPoint. Everything's connected.

My American sisters: do you know anything about this brand?


Unknown said...

nice bags! great for summer and the beach, very classic looking.

bi-style said...

really nice bags! I want one! It's so Jane-Birkin-Like ;)

Unknown said...

I want one of these! To own one may become my life ambition hahah

Matthew Spade said...

they look really nice. love the rectangle one. nice to hear you can still make it, the old way!

Olivia Isabella. said...

Exsquisite bags. Just adds authenticity; the fact he doesn't have a website.
UO x

the style crusader said...

i've never heard of these before but they look pretty great. when it first came up on your blog i wasn't sure if i was on the right page... bags on jill's blog?! that doesn't seem quite right. but these look lovely... i could definitely see you with one! xx

Love Food said...

These are lovely. The perfect bag for summer.

Lydia xxx


daniela kate morosini said...

these are so so gorgeous! coming to my shindig, jill? xx

Rosie said...

Dokkim (unfortunately) has not appeared in any places in the US that I've been but, I hope the designs start showing up in L.A. soon! :) .. The rattan bags are beautiful .. I'd love to see the all leather bags as well .. those are more up my alley ;) ..



Platform P said...

Gorgeous bags Jill, especially the last one. You do, indeed have an eye for style.

Hope you are well my love. Oh and thanks for the encouraging words in my last post... and no it didn't hurt when I jumped haha!


Jodz2727 said...

Just treated myself to one for a big birthday :) Had never seen them before. They caught the eye of my husband while he was out exploring the town (I was luxuriating at the spa:) and he brought me back the next day to check them out. All it took was one look (and about an hour to consider the investment). They are exquisite, well made, classic three season designs. Purchased it at his Nantucket location. Surprised the brand is not more 'out there'. He must have high profile/celebrity clientele, no? At any rate.... I'm super pleased with my new acquisition!
Happy Birthday to me!

Anonymous said...

I got my rattan bag in Natucket and a black leather bag as a gift. I absolutely adore these bags!

jill said...

Ooh Jodz, Anonymous, lucky you! Happy Birthday to you Jodz and Anonymous, enjoy them. I'm so glad that people are discovering these bags, I just love them so much and hope to own one, someday.

delivery bags said...

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Anonymous said...

Funny how I found your site -- I've been shopping for a good handbag on line - looking at COACH and TURY BURCH but I just don't get what everyone likes about COACH. Then I remember DOKKIM. I bought one of his black leather handbags when I was shopping in SOHO in NYC about 17 years ago - kid you not! I got to know DOKKIM and even recorded a voice mail message on his phone for him. Yes, he is low tech although now he does actually have a website ! www.dokkimbag.com He is a delightful gentleman and I am so glad, Jill, that you have a picture of him here! He looks even younger than 17 years ago! Success must be good for looks!
His bags are wonderful and will last forever - they are a great investment!
Jan Dugan,
New Hampshire and Alabama

Anonymous said...

Wow they look like great bags. There's one available at this non profit silent auction, bet you can get a deal or steal on it

Beth Howard said...

I bought one in December after sharing lunch and a bottle of wine at Taboo on Worth. Just used last night for first time and received dozens of complements but the most AMAZING comment was from my husband who actually said as we were going out the door "That is very beautiful purse." I couldn't believe that he even noticed! So, I will treat myself to another before leaving Florida for the season!

mariann magdalene said...

I see this was written quite awhile ago. I love his bags. The are truly a stunning example of the weaver’s art. Yes, they are expensive. I have two of the small round ones. He is a one man show. Nantucket in the summers, Florida in the winters. He rents a storefront and sells is handbags. Make no mistake, they are pricey, but they are beautiful. His clients are usually women of means and the must return to him for themselves and for gifts. They are amazing and I with I could have one in all shapes and sizes.