fabris lane

More shades: third in the trilogy.

Minutes after shooting Goggle Dog, an hour or so after shooting a self portrait of myself reflected in Hedvig's shades, I met Victoria, my new friend and fellow graphic designer and photographer ('this is victoria'). I've seen some of her work on facebook and she's got a GREAT eye. She's just lovely.

In her own words:

"The dress was from H&M about 3 years ago.
The helmet is by Bern, which i bought through cycle chic - they have a lovely little cycling shop and blog. Perhaps you've seen it?
And the sun glasses, Fabris Lane.
I'd like to say the bike is a Pashley, which will hopefully be my birthday present next year (if i'm good apparently!) unfortunately its not.. :(

Don't you love that name for a company? Fabris Lane. Has such a poetic ring to it. I really like Victoria, her style and overall sunniness. Can't wait to introduce her to the Cupcake Coalition.

It's a quiet overcast day, and it feels like no one is in town. My torso is driving me CRAZY from a heat rash I got on Sunday at our friends' ping pong party, held while Germany destroyed England in the World Cup. I stupidly 'treated' it with anti-itch cream, which only made it grow stronger, like the German team. So now I'm trying, as per the internet, ice packs and baby powder. Off to the cinema, but before I go, back, by popular demand: Goggle Dog!

Big shout out to C.GRAND LONDON: 1200th follower! Whoo-O!! Thank you all. xo


Unknown said...

these photos are so cute!!! she's so loevly :))

xoxo from rome

Clazzerati said...

omg, Victoria is so cute! I love her style. Cycle Chic are fantastic, i actually came across them a few days ago, so much nice stuff! x

Anonymous said...

ha, hilarious! love the Backpack doggie idea, hehe! LOL so cute! and the dress from Victoria, suits her so well! lovely! :)

Anonymous said...

I turn into such a baby when I see dogs, so please bear with me. But that Goggle Dog is SOOOOO SOOOO adorable!!!! Look at him with his teeny little goggles. So cute.

Victoria also seems like the cutest girl ever as well. I'm searching for a dress just like that right now. She looks picture perfect.

By the way, I'm sorry to hear about your nephew, I hope he is recovering fine and dandy.


C. Anne said...

The floral dress looks so pretty on her. With that little basket on her bicycle, this picture is just full of charm!

the Citizen Rosebud said...

That first pic is lovely! Love her whole look including that stellar smile.

mtg said...

love her dress. especially the fact that she got it three years ago and it looks just as stylish now.
glad your nephew is OK now.

Yaary said...

she looks so adorable in that dress! love the print.. and the doggie looks pretty cute with that sunnies!

Unknown said...

LOVE that dress, I have a obsession with floral dresses I own too many now ahha x

Miki said...

What an awesome outfit! I love how the helmet matches the dress.

Jessy said...

I love the dress!!

Follow my blog at jessy-missj.blogspot.com

The Photodiarist said...

Wow . . . I miss checking Bloglovin' for a few days and I have 8 of your posts to catch up on!!!!

jill said...

Hey PD, how funny, I was just wondering if you were away. But - and this is a thank you and apology to all who have commented recently - I feel terrible that I haven't had a chance to visit anyone's blogs, really. And when I do, I leave one whole long comment to just one person, and there goes my window of time.

Who knows, any of you could be my next victim ; ) but really: thank you!!