Soft fluffy clouds: ethereal, and white. Sheer spheres of influence. I can't tell for sure but it looks like these dresses were made by pulling apart fine cotton knit, like ribbed tees. Something like what I've been making, here at home. A passage of ideas, between women.. something so primitive, we could be maidens fair, weaving in a tower in a castle in a fairy tale.

Let's see if I can explain.

I first saw this effect on my friend Stephanie, of Style Odyssey, at an art launch in Hollywood, Florida ('we are all connected'). She had learned how to do it on 'childhood flames', described the process to me, and then I tried it ('a cinderella story').

Or, perhaps not. Perhaps they're made from angels' wings, sprinkled with fairy dust.

I am paralyzed with indecision: I've got too many shots from this collection at last week's Graduation Fashion Week gala event, AND I won't know who designed it until I can speak with one of the organisers tomorrow. So I'm going to just close my eyes and pick a few, because Mr. Dot has been plaintively requesting English strawberries with Greek yogurt and honey, and I've been ignoring him, holding my breath and hoping my wonky cord doesn't crash my laptop. Again.

So I'm going to just show you some now, and some later. But please do click thru on the coloured words, the back story will reveal itself. I hope.


Pamela said...

the dresses are great and very creative but oh my are those models young and thin?!

Monika said...

I love these dresses. It all looks so soft and smooth, u just wanna touch it...

Anonymous said...

SO many posts to catch up on!! Beautiful cloud of a dress up there. I wonder how they made it too!


Chloe said...

The second dress looks a bit like fishing net. The first one is definitely like a cloud - stratus.
xx Chloe

Style Odyssey said...

ok...i'm looking closely at the 2nd dress, and now i see it: shredded-looking white fabric that is then gathered in points and sewn like tufted pillows...? right?
the first dress may simply be tulle. hard to tell. if it's first shredded, then WOW, amazing.
thank you for the mention (again!) :)

Arini Desianti Parawi said...

killer make-up, love the eyelinner!!!

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San said...

What first hit me, were the eyes of the first model. They look "wrong", sorry can't explain it better. I love almond shaped eyes, but with this kind of eyeliner her eyes look creepy. She's a beauty though.

The dresses are lovely too, I favour the second one.

jill said...

San: I know what you mean. They used the same group of models thru-out the show - it was amazing, they had to change over and over - and I've looked at a lot of shots of the top model, and I do believe she's actually crossed eyed! Which the make-up exaggerates.

I agree, her eyes look 'wrong' - creepy, disturbing - and yet she's beautiful. What hit me, by being able to shoot from the photographers' vantage point, and see the photos after - details that simply doesn't come across when you're watching shapes, movement, hearing sound - when so much is going on and you're watching it from the audience - is that each girl, apart from perhaps one (who I met and photographed after) is in her own unique way, 'imperfect', 'wrong' in what we have been taught to be our ideal of beauty - and yet, beautiful.

Style Odyssey, that's what I'm thinking. I'm thinking they combined shredding knitwear with other fabrics, tulle for the first.. I've got one coming up that has a white sequin bodice.. I can't wait to find out who the designer is, I want to interview him or her.

PammyPonders: I was thinking the same thing - not all of them, some are quite 'curvy' (I hate that word, but it applies) but the top one - I noticed her vein sticking out of her arm, which I've never seen one someone.

Everyone else, thank you! ; )

StyleSpy said...

I don't find these garments very successful as designs, but the fabric & techniques are really interesting. There seems to be a real interest in the past few seasons, among both students and established designers, in innovating with the textiles they use. It's pretty fascinating.

Lotte said...

Hi, Jill! Just stumbled upon your lovely blog in search of some kickin' street fashion photography and was pleasantly surprised to find these photos of a fellow graduate of mine's stunning work. Thought it would be a good chance to put a name to a dress.

These pieces are by the super talented Amber Hards. Here's her website: http://www.amberhards.co.uk/gallery/index.htm

I think she deserves the attention :)