josie, or the evolution of flexible thumbs

Phase Two in the Coincidence Series.

Okay, so the previous post was last Monday (it's a bit confusing: time, and it's still hard to fathom, when it's FINALLY SUMMER this week and I'm pulling out the little print dresses). Then, two days later, last Wednesday, I'm sitting on The Couch at Cafe Nero with Natalie (yes, we've got our own couch), and we're just about to leave after hanging out for an hour or two, when who should I see thru the window: Josie and Hayley!

So this is Josie. Isn't she amazing? She's also so so nice.

This was the third time I ran into them, but the first time I shot them separately (hence the Juicy post). I like shooting random series of people (I just love coincidences, frankly). I mean, granted, all three Sightings were in the same general South Ken area, but still: if anyone has tried to form a plan to meet someone via phone, txt, email, AND twitter, and STILL you can't find each other, I feel the magic power of coincidence is something to be taken rather seriously.

I also like seeing how someone's style evolves: I mean, Hayley seems to favour prints and crosses, kind of Classic Goth with a Twist. Josie also channels a bit Goth, a bit Grunge, but she seems to like cleaner lines: solids and simple, almost sportswear knits. And note the same boots, bag, fishnets, altho I think she's got more than one pair.

I'm starting realise on what fascinates me about style: it really is a work in process, like any art form. We go thru phases. We have themes we return to as the mood strikes us. I mean, look at other animals: they don't have any choice about their markings, fur, feathers: man (or woman), alone, has that ability. I think it has something to do with the evolution of flexible thumbs.

Right. I've got to get showered and out. Meeting first Nat on The Couch for coffee, then Hedvig in the park to sunbathe, then straight on from there to a business meeting. What in the WORLD am I going to wear!??


Silkybow said...

Her style is amazing!
I also love her satchel *_*

Adorngirl said...

very gorgeous, and has hair that I crave, we all go throgh life stages with the outfits, i just yesterday got rid of six bags worth of clothes to the charity shop, just needed a spring clean, and some of tha stuff harps back to when I was younger, and either didn't fit or was something I would never wear again

Emily said...

Josie is gorgeous! Great satchel and great eyes!

Style Queen said...

All I can say is... FAB hair!

Great blog


Love Food said...

I love her bag!

Lydia xxx


Carrott said...

I seriously love this outfit. And i'd love to rock ripped fishnets just like her. xx (ps. I really want my legs to look like this.)

Unknown said...

LOVE the hair and the boots!

EML said...

I've just been thinking about my 'fashion phases' this morning. This winter I wore soo much black and I had a really intense phase of wearing similar boots. Now as the english weather decided to tourn all summery all that kind of clothing doesn't really work anymore, does it?

Anyway, Josie is so pretty. Amazing hair and I'm so jealous of her legs!

Anonymous said...

She has amazing hair and she knows how to pose for the camera!

I love cardis like that. My housemate has one nearly identical to it, and one day, I hope she lets me wear it! Plus the fishnets really work on her, which is a big compliment because they hardly work on anyone!


Style Odyssey said...

i like her Rapunzel hair!
it would be an interesting discussion for future posts- the subject of style evolution...personally, mine has gone through so many phases that it makes my head spin.

jazmine rocks @ jazzabelle's diary said...

josie is just beautiful, plus i am so jealous of her legs! and her face. and her hair. everything really! i also love her cardi, i have a 'grandad jumper with practically the same pattern :)


jill said...

Eveline: I know! But more than that: I hadn't uploaded for a few days, and was still working my way thru shots I loved for last week, and it just feels ridiculous to post wintry clothing when I'm really struggling to find the very lightest clothing to stay alive in this heat.

Saskia (notjustmedical): have you considered asking her? Judging from the chocolate cheesecake you've baked and your delightful personality, I'm guessing unless she's a total bitch, she'd say yes in a heartbeat.

Stephanie Odyssey: I love it! Style evolution! Thank you. Definitely.

Jazzabelle: I could so see you rocking that look. In fact you've got similar boots! Once it turns cold again - which could be any day now - you really should. Hey!! Could you do a self portrait in a similar look & send it?

Kazuko said...

the power of observation - you definitely have it! and the girls look gorgeous! josie with her aviators is "coolness" ;) they remind me of my girlfriends and me strolling through the city after school - 20 years ago. :) wonder how their style will evolve, wish i could see them in 10 years time.