lounge, the name of several things

It is nearly 5:00 Greenwich Mean Time, and I am typing this from the bed. I am wearing mismatched white thermal men's underwear (bottom by Hanes, top by Ann Taylor which I bought in 1980-something), and I haven't left home all day. According to reports from friends across town in East London, it's 'quiet' there, too. It is wintry cold here in London, and grey, but not raining.

It's a lounging around kind of day.

That is a funny word: lounge. I've looked it up on wikipedia: you can have an airport lounge, living room 'also known as lounge room, a room for entertaining guests, reading, watching TV or other activities', bar (establishment) or bar (counter), and that's just under architecture. There is also lounge music, a lounge singer, lounge car (on a train), lounge suit.. they don't even mention the verb, to lounge.

But my favourite part is the end: 'Lounging (disambiguation), the name of several things'

Lounging around here is the lovely Saskia, of not just medical, in a Rare burgundy velvet strapless number.

Saskia is my heroine: she was just on holiday in Mykonos, got majorly robbed their last night there (they were out, their flat was broken into, and because she was the only one who had locked her luggage, instead of them riffling thru and stealing select items as they did with her friends, they STOLE THE WHOLE SUITCASE, passport, wallet, and all). And yet, her attitude is magnificent. These photos were shot after she came back and, as you can see, she's still smiling.

I guess if you're a third year medical student, and have just finished your exams, a mere act of robbery is hardly going to throw you.

Shot at Soho House, London.


Fayoona said...

i love saskia.i dont think iv ever seen such a relaxed third med student!
xx fi

jazmine rocks @ jazzabelle's diary said...

saskia looks wonderful! she is such a kind, beautiful person also, and i totally agree with you about her attitude. i don't think i could even manage a smile if the same thing happened to me.

love, jazzabelle. xxx

the style crusader said...

saskia is such a stunner. is she not like the most beautiful thing ever??! i love that closeup shot of her in the rare dress. she is stunning! that deep burgundy shade is perfect on her. these shots are great jill. why is it saskia always winds up lying on things and having her photo taken? benches... sofas.... it's too funny. jackie has to jump now, and saskia has to lounge. anyway, gorgeous and so wonderful that she's so positive despite such a horrible theft taking place!

styleeast said...

Oh my, she looks absolutely beautiful. Lovely shots. And she's such a great girl too x

jill said...

Why does she have to lounge? Because I made her! ; ) Seriously. I brought her into that room because of the light, then saw the couch, and thought.. hmm.. bench, couch: it's a series! ; )

Yes, I agree: she's gorgeous. Jennnifer (East, I mean: it's funny you're both Jennifers, and both Style's), I'm so glad you've met her so you know what I mean. Same with you, Jazmine.

Hey I just realised: Fayoona you've met her, too!

Okay back to the game and that insessant droning.

Style Slicker said...

Goodness, Saskia is unrecognisable.....she's such a beauty!!!!

Lucy said...

Oh no! Poor Sask! Thats soo terrible but i agree, if youve just finished the year then maybe you can see past it!
In response to your lovely comment about Huckaboo Jill, Im afraid to say - I don't think it is!! there are only 2 tiny labels, one says 'M' and one says 'mad in Macau' haha so sadly i dont think it is but thank you, thats such an interesting story. id never heard of it but maybe it was the Jack Wills of today..?
I wish it was that label, id feel so hip!

Carrott said...

She's beautiful and that dress is gorgeous! But what I really love is her outfit. Lovely. PS.I would have a heart attack if that happened to me.

Anonymous said...

I was just about to head off to bed but caught this post from your comment on my blog! Thanks Jill, these are wonderful pictures (that dress puts me in an awfully flattering light haha!) and thanks to everyone above! I fell in love with the colour of the dress and the little roses. Absolutely stunning design.

And don't worry, I was not smiling after I got robbed haha! Although it's kinda true, I would rather get robbed again then go through the hell of my exams this year again!! (touch wood)


Little_wood said...

that american apparel skirt is sick, I have it in that colour and the navy blue, always to be worn with a retro t.

little_wood said...

hat american apparel skirt is sick, I have it in that colour and the navy blue, always to be worn with a retro t.

Adele said...

Saskia looks amazing in that yellow skirt and how she wore it is amazing!
Amazing rings... just ordered that forever 21 ring! Wanted it forever!

Oh & I am hosting my first giveaway! Some amazing headpieces!
- Adèle
moltocuriosa.com ♥

stoneandcloth said...

i love that second outfit - it looks so comfortable! and those colors are great together. cute hair style too:)


Style Odyssey said...

she's a vision of prettiness. 3rd year med student- i'd hardly be daunted by a stolen suitcase if i were her, either!
J, this lighting is superb. it's slightly artificial looking, surreal, and soft...all at once. excellent pics.

Cecylia said...

I love both of her outfits!!

Style At Every Age said...

Saskia is gorgeous in yet another fab Rare dress although its that tutu one I want for Claudia for her party! I feel so sorry for Saskia - what a dreadful thing to happen, I am worried for my girls going in 2 weeks, Claudia is such a div, she loses everything and funnily enough I told her to keep everything in a locked case like Saskia did! oh dear...

Adorngirl said...

Really gorgeous pics. It's sort of a sliding doors moment as if i didn't have that photoshoot planned i wuld have met her in person, but luckily i still got to hang out with Jacques and Jennifer, Have you actally noticed how many J's there are amongst this blogger set?

jill said...

It's true! (The number of J's). Growing up on Long Island, I didn't know anyone named Jill, but it's more common here especially among older women.

Looking Fab: my advice for Claudia is to put her essentials (passport etc) in a small bag that SHE knows is the valuables, but that looks like absolute shit. Maybe even wrap it in dirty underwear. Seriously. It never occurred to me - or to Saskia, clearly - that locking a suitcase could mean someone would actually steal the suitcase! And they were in a kind of rented villa, not even a hotel room.

When I was 19 and doing a semester in Denmark, I remember actually leaving our backpacks in Florence in the hostel. I can't believe looking back, at how low security we were then. I remember someone stealing the contents of an outer pocket of the backpack: my hairbrush and a paperback book. I mean, WHY???

I also left my handbag on the train the day we left Denmark to head home (flying back from England) - the handbag with my passport, wallet, etc - but of course, this being Denmark, someone turned it in at the end of the line. With all the kroner entact ; )

Love Food said...

Such a shame what happened!

Gorgeous dress though, she looks amazing. And love the outfit in the bottom pictures.

Lydia xxx


Matthew Spade said...

i love the name not just medical. been reading her blog for a while now, she's a bit of a dude eh!

Susan said...

saskia looks wonderful!

Platform P said...

She is so stunning- wow these shots are gorgeous!