muse: feeling good

Sometimes I think, life is really weird. Here I am, in LONDON! Not just on holiday, but I live here. Married (which in itself sometimes feels weird) and my husband, Mr. Dot, is asleep while I, like a teenager, watch Muse live on BBC2, and go thru photos of my young friend Claire, who moved back to the States a few years ago.

Love this song, New Born:

Claire is such an old soul for one so young. She was just visiting (she's in Scotland this weekend with her family) and we hung out @ the V&A. Of course. And I do believe she's wearing a romper!

They're really good! (Muse). I can't imagine what it must feel like to be there now. They just did a great version of Feeling Good which was going to be the opening music to a TV series we created a few years ago (I was the writer). The Nina Simone version. For those of you too young to know who Nina Simone was, check this out:

I wonder how long it will take for someone to put up the live version of this on youtube? Meanwhile, here's the video:

Okay, this old new soul is gonna shut this laptop down. We're getting up early tomorrow to go swimming again in the countryside, then ping pong party @ friends' house in Chelsea. Hope you're having a magic summer night wherever you are.

It's a new dawn, it's a new day, it's a new world, and I'm feeling good. Oh crikey! They're playing House of the Rising Sun. Gotta go.


Rebecca said...

haha, I saw Muse live a couple of years ago. I cannot explain how amazing they were! Personally, I think their CDs are average (don't kill me!), but they are very, very good live (:
And Claire has the cutest necklace!


FrouFrouu said...

Aren't they incredible?! I can't deny my Muse fangirl status. Diehard.

Matthew Spade said...

haha you love hanging out at the v&a!

Cecilia Villamil said...

I love Nina's songs, thanks you very much to post songs of Muse.

Anonymous said...

Muse are fantastic! I went to see them in HK and they just blew me away. I was too short to see them, but it didn't matter cos everyone was just moshing and getting really into it altogether. Although I love Muse, I do prefer Nina Simone's original.

She's wearing a camel necklace! I love people with a quirky sense of style.


DeZine said...

i just noticed your little plug for bye bye soccer mom :) very cool!
i love how that girl is wearing the hair bow in the pictures ^^ it makes me think "french"--it's really cute!

Abi said...

beautiful necklace and hair piece!


Unknown said...

I love how she keeps her ensemble very subtle. If she was in a large crowd no one would even think about looking twice at her, but if you did you would realize how pretty and well put her outfit is. I like her plain dress and her bow. I also like her tote bag. It's been a very long time since I have heard from you! How are you?! I see your blog is doing great!
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Oana Roxana said...

I like both versions,because they're different.
Cute lady!I like her shoes.

styleeast said...

Loved this post. Even after seven years in London, I sometimes wake up thinking 'whoa, I LIVE here'. Great shots of your friend too, her necklace is gorgeous!

oh, ps, I've been neglecting my reminders! Friday, Friday, Friday!!! xx

Sarah said...

awww, Claire is so pretty! I really love her pretty bow and unusual necklace! is it a camel??


mary louise said...

i love muse :)


Catarina said...

Claire looks really nice, I adore the navy blue with the colour of her hair.

Style Odyssey said...

i'll give those songs a listen...not familiar w/ Muse. i am, however, familiar w/ nina simone...what a smoky sultry voice! i have a CD of hers- best song on it is "sinner man".

re: claire- how cute is she? she does look like she could be an old soul. something in the eyes...

btw, speaking of old souls, i took a few shots yesterday on the meet-up w/ -h. she continues to delight- we had a very pleasant afternoon!

the style crusader said...

love her outfit! it's so quirky with that necklace and head scarf. so cute jill. you've always got the coolest hidden friends up your sleeve! xx

Perth Lawyers said...

God I love her necklace really unique..amazing

Miss Mae said...

One of my favorite songs of all time! PLUS a very chic outfit! I love it.

Stay Stylish,
Miss Mae

Kazuko said...

a romper and a camel necklace - how good is that?! oh and btw, used to be a biiig muse fan. maybe ten years or so ago (when they were really, really young and still unknown) I went to see them live for I think - nine times or so? yes, i do tend to exaggerate if i'm really into something. :)

LittleRachael said...

Muse are my favourite band - and i LOVVE their version of Feeling Good. SOO many people have covered that song and it is easily one fo the best versions (bar miss nina of course!)

Loving the camel necklace.

Little Rachael Vintage

Alannaa :) said...

I was there! Absolutely amazing :) Me and my mum went nuts to this song!


I can tell you what it was like to be there: it felt like we were at a rock concert back in the golden ages of music. Everyone in the crowd was there to dance and feel, not to get drunk, or shout obscenities or throw cups of piss. As they came on, the sun was setting, and you can't imagine a more ethereal sight than all those sunkissed, euphoric people forming a carpet of colours and flags under that fading light.

An amazing hour.