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It's such a treat to have the list for the recent Graduate Fashion Week show @ Earl's Court (thank you Peter! thank you Tanya!). Now I can piece together from the shots who did what.

I love this collection from - I hope I've got this right - William Hamill of UCA Epsom. Here's an article about it on their website. I've chosen this one because - isn't it funny how this can happen? - I've suddenly woken up recently and decided that I love print tee shirts. Especially soft photographic ones - very 70s surfer dude.

Actually that makes two looks I've made an 180 degree turn on: printed tees, and harem pants (sorry, TROUSERS in Brit speak: pants is.. pants). That's another thing: you know how people say they've made a 360 degree turn? That's absurd! You'd end them up facing in the same direction you started.

Anyway, I love this look and love his whole collection. I'd wear this! In fact my friend Natayla, who is editor of a wonderful online fashion magazine called Its Fashion Week, was just this morning wearing a gorgeous print shirt with harem type trousers today: we did a shoot, I'll show you soon.

Here's my problem: after a lifetime of resisting printed tee shirts, I've got a wardrobe filled with plain solid tees in every colour but mostly black or white. Anyone want to swap?

What's mostly in your tee collection: prints? Or solids?


Carrott said...

I have plain t-shirts too, mostly black and grey, and just a few plaid shirts. My problem is that last year I realized I had everything in black. So I'm slowly adding some nudes, blues and greens. I leave prints for the dresses and skirts.

styleeast said...

I like this very much, t-shirts are often the centre of our wardrobes but are so under-rated, I think they deserve this little promo! My two faves are the printed one you saw me in and an oversized plain 'track' tee from American Apparel, I pretty much live in one or the other.

Really wish I'd made it to GFW, it looks like there was a lot of talent (I don't just mean the male models!), so I am very much enjoying all your photos

Melmo Momoko said...

well actually I only had solid tees when i was younger but I love the printed ones so much more now. I don't know why haha.

jill said...

Funny you just said that, Jen (styleeast) because that day I met you, in that lovely printed tee, that's what planted the seed for me! It's funny how seeing someone wearing a look in a certain way can make me re-think how I see something. It doesn't just apply to clothes: anything, creatively. A musician can cover a song I didn't previously like, and I can love it.

That day, you changed prints for me!

Carrott: That's the beauty of having an all black wardrobe: any bits of colour - or white or nude or beige or anything - looks fabulous with it. And I feel that a black long sleeved tee looks fabulous with any print skirt.. with anything, really.

jill said...

Melmo: Sorry I missed your comment which slipped in while I was commenting. Thank you. Isn't it funny, I don't know why either. What's up with that.

Unknown said...

i have all printed tees...i need some basic solids right now...:) let's swap :P


Anonymous said...

I have quite a few print tees, but I guess you have to be quite picky because some can look quite garish (like those ones with slogans like 'Princess' etc.). For example, I love this soft print, I actually have a t-shirt very similar to it!


Anonymous said...

ha, well! i have like 50/50! not all print tees suit me well i guess! they must not be to huge of a print maybe with small details! hehe

Style Odyssey said...

Solids for me. But I really like some of the printed ones. This one's good. I'm not wild about the diaper pants on this guy, though. Apologies to the designer.

You are too funny, J. Love your wit! xo

Pearl Westwood said...

My problem is that I just have too many tee's full stop! I have a Chris Kane from this years pre which is in similar sepia tones. I cant decide if I love or hate the pants tho!

EML said...

I can't swap but If you think of getting rid of plain black, white or gray tees you are always very welcome to give them to me.
I hardly have any tees in my closet as I try to avoid those lazy tshirt-and-jeans days. (same goes for ballerina flats) and the easiest way to avoid that is to through 'em all out. So all I have left is 1 pair of jeans (I do have black trousers though) and a few tshirts which I only use for sports (A&F anyone?)

Im not used to print tees though. I doubt I own one...haha yeah I know tomorrow morning im probably going to find a bunch on the bottom of my closet. or under my bed. anyway, I wouldn't mind having a cool marc jacobs or christopher kane tee, but thats probably not going to happen too soon. there are far too many beautiful dresses and blouses out there.

jill said...

hang on... Pearl wants a Chris Kane, Eveline L HAS one... I'm just saying, you know?

Was just about to post more shots but Mr. Dot just called out 'Jill GO SWIMMING' which was what I was about to do when I came here. Later babes!! xo

Matthew Spade said...

i have limited prints but this one is so cool, want!

Clara said...