object of my obsession

It's shaping up to be a beautiful Saturday, and we're off to a pool outside London - yay! - but first I have to talk about my current obsession: playsuits. When I met my lovely friend Natayla (it's fashion week), altho I'm not by nature an envious person, I just so wanted to be wearing what she was wearing. She just looked so comfy in her leopard print playsuit by H&M, the material is so silky soft.. I bought a playsuit at Topshop a few seasons back, but there's something about it that doesn't feel right: the fabric, while thin, feels.. hard. The pattern is black background with flowers in orange, turquoise and white.. it's not bad, but it's not perfect.

(I love her cat's eyes sunglasses, btw: must ask her where she got them! And sorry, Nat- she's a teeny tiny slim thing - the angle of the shot from where I was sitting gave her thunder thighs, but they're truly not)

I want a playsuit just like this: something soft, and silky and comfortable. Nat was all smiles when she was showing me how well constructed it is. I mean, if I had the right playsuit, I could re-create yesterday's shot because - guess what, Pumpkins, I tried that trick at home and I can still do splits in the air! With both legs.

So I tried late Thursday night, after Mr. Dot was asleep, to go online to H&M and perhaps, if the price was right, order Nat's playsuit. But I couldn't find my way around the attractive, fun filled site that is H&M. I don't care about the perfect beach - I already know where they are and plan to go there soon - I just want to buy a playsuit!

So I went to the source, ASOS, and found this treasure chest of jumpsuits. (Speaking of: are they playsuits? Jumpsuits? Catsuits? Can we agree on a word, guys?) And scrolling thru all 196, this is the one that screamed BUY ME:

It's not just cause it's polka dots, I swear (I really don't have a wardrobe of polka dotted clothing). I didn't even realise that til after I chose it in my head. The model's look, hair cut, styling with these boots... and, coincidentally, I swear: it's already one of the cheapest, AND on sale. I went online again last night, after he was asleep - after seeing Davina evict Jovan in a very similar number (I swear, it's all I'm noticing on the street now, it's all I want), and I snuck back online and played the game again. They even added styles: previously it was 187, now it's 196 (not too obsessed, am I?)

They say we're only as sick as our secrets, and I'm hoping if I post this, and walk out the door - in my current inferior playsuit, with swimsuit underneath - my obsession will be lifted. Granted, it's only going to leave when I finally cave and buy THIS ONE. Mini polka dots, on sale, for £36. I'm going there next Friday to take photos, maybe they'll have one in stock. (hint hint).

Which one is your perfect style? Or do playsuits leave you cold?

Enough chit chat: off to play.

. . .

p.s. (later) Your comments are all so great. I stand corrected; it's a ROMPER. And my wonderful friend Carry Somers, who has the BEST ethical Panama Hat company, Pachacuti, tweet photo'd me a shot of her today wearing an 18 year old vintage romper. To me, the perfect, definitive romper. Check it out here.


Olivia Isabella. said...

Buy it, it is gorgeous!
AND WOW, SPLITS IN THE AIR WITH BOTH LEGS. My new year's resolution was to do the splits and I am nearly there... You have just given me new inspiration!
UO x

Catarina said...

I adore playsuits, however, I am still trying to find the perfect one :)

Silkybow said...

I love that ASOS playsuit :O!!!!!!!

Cecylia said...

I adore jumpsuits. I own over a dozen of them

daniela kate morosini said...

i LOVE playsuits. i have a lovely safari style one! addicted to sunshine too xx

Alma said...

I love jumpsuits, I didn't bought one yet. They look cool and you can wear it in many ways. After you're buying this, show us how it looks on you, Jill!

the style crusader said...

jill, i am so filled with envy at this moment. that playsuit that nat is wearing is the same one that i stole from daniella's closet last friday night when i dressed up like a tiger. jackie has it too! am going into town shopping tomorrow and seriously have my fingers crossed that i'll find it in h&m here in sweden. oh, if only the stars will align the right way.

i've had two playsuits (i think playsuits have shorts? jumpsuits have full legs?) both from topshop. first was kind of night-time-ish... cream with black flowers bought in the sale for 20 quid then sold on ebay for 37. only wore it once. second is black with one short sleeve and on the other side your shoulder shows... pretty cute, but again, only wore it once. i think the key is they need to be easy and day time.... ok, will fill you in on how the leopard print search goes tomorrow. and if i find it i might pick up two (hint hint... we can be tiger twins!).

Love Food said...

I actually don't own a playsuit, but I really want one, also would like a jumpsuit (with legs), I'm going to have to have search for one.
That one you found in asos is so nice!
And that's amazing that you can do the splits! I'm seriously going to have to do some sort of exercise pronto.

Lydia xxx


Julia said...

Your posts make me miss London so much..


Anonymous said...

This H&M leopard playsuit has been popping up everywhere! I like your pick, simple, casual and cute. I have a floral playsuit from Topshop, but it's very ill-fitting...I had to persuade my mum to adjust it for me. They're not quite the best shop to get playsuits from!

Can't believe you can still do the splits...in the air! I really should start doing some yoga.


QuiteQuaint said...

The second I saw what this post was about I knew that I'd be commenting. As the owner of a ridiculous amount of playsuit/jumpsuits(!) I like to think I'm somewhat of an expert on the subject!! I never set out to buy them, but somehow they have ended up taking over my wardrobe. I must just be drawn to them subconsciously, because I would hardly describe them as practical (not that I've ever bought anything practical in my life).
The playsuit that you currently love, will undoubtedly become you're greatest hate. Let me explain, they're a nightmare, especially on nights out when toilet breaks inevitably double. It may not cross your mind when buying it, but obviously they require you to get fully undressed every time you pop to the toilet. This may seem like little effort now, but trust me, after a few cocktails it gets tricky. Oh and don't even get me started on the amount of time it takes when wearing a cardigan and a belt over the top! I've had to deal with some clothing bundle/bag balancing acts in toilets with no hangers!
Anyway, I seem to have written an essay in your comments box so now that I've got all that off my chest, enjoy your playsuit!!!
Lizzie x


Abi said...

I love rompers! The leopard print romper is beautiful...looks so soft.

Wish i would find beautiful pieces like this in my local h&m :(


Clara said...

Catsuit - long, tight, pretty fitted. Jumpsuit -full length. Playsuit - short legs. :)

I missed out on that h&m playsuit so i MUST know where those cat eye sunglasses are from...LOVE THEM!

Rebecca said...

Personally I like the name "romper", cause I like the idea of going off for a romp ;)


jill said...

ROMPER!! Of course. That's the word. That's it.

I've got to ask Nat where she got those cat's eye sunglasses, but you're absolutely right, Clara, neither of these are catsuits (that was never a good look, not even on.. what film was it, Michelle Pfeiffer in like the 90s?)

These are definitely rompers, even tho Asos lumps them all in one category with the jumpsuits, which don't float my boat. But really: check out the list please. I'd love to see which ones you all like.

Thanks again for your comments, and for stopping by.

Anonymous said...

love love that jumper! was thinking of getting it myself! but i prefer the long versions! hehe

The Photodiarist said...

Superb photos!!!!