one grecian urn

Good morning Sunshine! I came across these shots, taken recently, in June, but that gives you an idea where our heads were at when the sun wasn't out. Hedvig and I met for lunch at the V&A, and I admired her tee, by Acne. It's a very fine blend of cashmere and silk, and she said: if she spends more on a tee because it's better quality, she'll wear it more. If I think of the thousands of cheap tees I bought in my life.. it makes sense.

Further to my musings, I am fascinated with the way Hedvig's style evolves. She's like Picasso in some kind of wonderful, neutral nude and peach scented 'Blue period'. Variations on a theme.

In Hedvig's words: 'I'm wearing t shirt from Acne, necklace from topshop, blazer from Zara, velour leggings from a Norwegian high street brand called Bik Bok ( they sometimes do have amazing things in store and those leggings were my last year favourite), bag from Alexander Wang and shoes Acne.'

Title a reference to a funny scene in the sixties musical The Music Man. My sister would get it. Big shout out to her, her wonderful son Anders (my nephew) is in hospital so wishing him a speedy recovery.


Unknown said...

love her neckles :)))

xoxo form rome

misslikey said...

awesome parka/blazer

Anonymous said...

Hedvig has such great style! And it's so true..I think I'm finally learning to invest in some high quality pieces then continuously spending on cheap things that I'd probably only wear once or twice.


Love Food said...

Love that jacket!

Lydia xxx


mtg said...

Hedvig always looks amazing. i love all the things she is wearing but i think she'd look great in a potato sack :)

Rosie said...

Hedvig makes a very valid point with comfy tees .. think it's about time I donated all of my "2 for $10" cotton tees and purchased some comfy ones that I will live in endlessly ...

Sorry to hear about your nephew being in the hospital .. hope he gets better soon ..


Rebecca said...

And there was me thinking the title of this post was to do with the way her tee drapes.... never mind :p


EML said...

as soon as it cools down a bit i will so be wearing this!

Style At Every Age said...

She always looks great.