a rose by any other name

For those of you who have just woken up (as opposed to the people who are still sleeping), late last night I posted a shot of a girl @ ASOS in a dress the colour of which I could not quite describe. The six or seven comments that came in in the next few hours were utterly delicious, and I thank you. The majority went with 'coral', with 'watermelon' running a close second.

On Sunday, when I saw the flash of this girl's pink top, I ran after her, only to realise: it's Betsan! My new friend! With her cute boyfriend Tom! And her top - by freak coincidence - Topshop, like her skirt from Saturday. I couldn't find hers exactly, but isn't this tunic amazing! They call it raspberry, but it is so not: it's really more coral, don't you think?

I love the effortless chic that they both display (besides being really cool as human beings). Tom's plaid on plaid action, for example. I love seeing people on the weekend in two consecutive days: you can almost see their overnight bag, the way, for example, Betsan wore the same green necklace both days, same bag..

Ironically, her particular colour isn't even coral! If you look at the left, in a colour exercise, I increased the yellow: that's more light coral, to me. (Yesterday's dress is probably deeper coral). I think you'd simply call this top PINK.

It's such a simple word: pink. My favourite Aunt Paula sent me a shot of my niece, Aili, in Seattle, drinking pink lemonade and dressed top to toe in pink, including her shades. We all - universally - seem to go thru a distinct pink phase as little girls, and then, tho we seem to grow out of it, we never do entirely. So, curious, I started using my favourite new toy, google translate, to explore the word in other tongues.

I discovered that it's قرنفل in Arabic. In the land of my grandmother's roots, Belarus, it's: ружовы

In Chinese, the 'simplified' version has four nouns (the first is 粉红色), two verbs, and three adjectives (God knows how many the traditional version has). Croatian is karanfil for the noun, but the adjective is actually ROZE. Catalan is ROSA, Basque ARROSA, Czech růžový, Danish lyserød, Dutch, OMG, has TWELVE nouns, ELEVEN verbs (what exactly is the English verb for pink? Does one pink? Have any of you been pinked?), and five adjectives, starting with ROZE, ROSE, ROZIG, ROOSKLEURIG, and - I love this - the fifth is CHIC.

The Estonians have ROOSA, but also KAHVATUPUNANE (that's easy for you to say!), the Filipinos have four adjectives, including ROSA, but also nasa mabuting kalagayan. So far the first variation of 'pink' I've found is from the Finns, God bless them, who have PINKKI, but also VAALEANPUNAINEN, and PUNAINEN TAKKI. Which brings us to the French, who of course have ROSE, but also INCARNAT and GAUCHISSANT.

I could go on (I'm only at the F's), but I really must go. So I leave you with one word: ροζ , which, while being pink, is still Greek to me.


ree said...

Isn't colour amazing. And so interesting. I am really enjoying this focus on colour. And that pink is beautiful. I don't think I will ever grow out of it.

Really enjoyed this post.


Ree xx

The Fashion Cloud said...

Lovely post Jill as always and that top and the colour of it, no matter what name anyone wants to give it, is just stunning, love how it is put together. Effortlessly chic does indeed describe her, she is gorgeous too!!


Kazuko said...

totally agree with The Fashion Cloud - stunning how she put her outfit together. effortlessly chic. but then again - i think no matter what she wore she would always look gorgeous.

D + J's Blog said...

It really is a lovely color. I like the touch the black belt adds. It accentuates her waist while adding a special touch.


Copious Couture said...

Love the back of that tank top!!!


Carrott said...

I have so many problems to name a color. And I love the fact that you use different names to each shade. Seashell pink, raspberry, nude, sorbet, peach... I told you in a previous post that I learn so much english with your blog.

I would call it pink. It's the same shade of pink than the strawberry ice cream they sell near my house. So it could be strawberry ice cream pink?

I suck at this!

(It's funny how you found the name in Basque. It's spoken where I live, but I don't know if it's a known language abroad)

jemina said...

love this post, and your friend is really stylish, love your blog, xoxo

ioana said...

to me ,that color resembles the color of the'ash-of-rose' dress that meggie cleary worn in that movie,the thorn birds :)


I love betsan's outfit, especially the back of her shirt!


adrielleroyale said...

What a cute couple!! Great style and so easy looking too :)

Susan said...

the flower itself is called "rózsa" in Hungarian and the color pink is called "rózsaszín", which is quite weird, as roses come in many colors... :)
have a lovely week, xoxo

Cecilia Villamil said...

Since I have a daughter the pink color (rosa en espanol)was installed in our lives again...www.brunchunderthesun.blogspot.com