stay cool

You've no doubt seen similar shots on other blogs: while I was shooting Jazmine in the dress, others were, too. It's just that while Josie is so lovely, I bet even she feels too warm seeing herself in jumpers: it's suddenly, gloriously summer here. And England WON! (Sorry, Slovenia).

There are so many more shots of Jazzabelle that I love from the Rare Press day, and there's more I want to say about it, but frankly, I'm starving!! Later, Dudettes.


Love Food said...

So pretty! The shot looks so natural too.
And yay, England won!

Lydia xxx


the style crusader said...

dude, that was a seriously lovely day. so glad that the US & UK are in to the next round! hooray! miss you! xx

jazmine rocks @ jazzabelle's diary said...

i have to agree with jen! it was a lovely day, i'm so glad i met all of you. i was so nervous when i arrived, i was the first person there and i just didn't know what to do! it took me ages to have the confidence to say hello to jen, hehe. you are all so kind! xxx

styleeast said...

I see I've missed lots of lovely posts by not being at the computer today! Wish I didn't have one of those pesky job things that distract me from blogging!!

I love Jazzabelle and her blog and your posts and others are such an insight into her. Lovely.

Thanks for popping by, I'm very much looking forward to hanging out too....2ND JULY (your second reminder!!!) xx

Anonymous said...

so cute! love her shoes!

Carrott said...

She's just so lovely... xx

the Citizen Rosebud said...


Also the pic from RIP McQueen

The Photodiarist said...

Really pretty photo, Jill. Well done!

Anonymous said...

She looked so pretty in that dress!