traveling light

Sorry to take so long to post, Kittens. Been out all day - I know the English cliche about banging on about the weather, but hot damn, when the sun comes out if this isn't the most glorious place on earth! Spent the afternoon walking home from Camden, via Regent's Park, and just lounged about in the center of the center of the circle of the Queen's Garden, an Alice in Wonderland surreal place chock full o' roses.

And I had an amazing meeting before which I can't wait to tell you about.. nah, gonna keep you hanging a bit longer.

First, next up in my series on the bloggers @ the Princess March: Saskia, better known as Not Just Medical.

Saskia rarely posts shots of herself - she's got one here, which I love, and I wish she'd do more. She's just even more amazing in person than the girl I became friends with thru her blog: she's beautiful, smart, funny, and incredibly modest. I could sense that she was a bit.. not shy, really, about having her photo taken, but.. yeah, just modest. She's not hard work, she doesn't seem to carry any excess baggage thru life. That is my latest criteria for liking or not liking people: I've realised I simply don't have room in my life for people who carry a lot of baggage, who are hard work.

Speaking of bags.. I'm not normally a bag person and would just as soon carry cloth ones (or wicker these days) but I fell in love with hers. It's from ASOS. Isn't it gorgeous?

Also speaking of bags.. I wanted to call this post 'I'm leaving on a jet plane' and link it to that great version by Chantal Kreviazuk and embed it for your listening pleasure, but every time STILL that I try to do anything in youtube, I crash. The point is, Saskia is now on a much deserved holiday in Greece for 12 days, having finished her exams and papers (ahead of her roomates, apparently) for her THIRD YEAR of medical school. She's like a character out of Grey's Anatomy, I can't believe she's in medical school, she's too cute. But what I can't get over is, in addition to all of the above, and packing, she's actually prepared a post a day to be released while she is gone.

Can I ask you a favour? Can you go to her blog a LOT while she's gone and leave comments and follow her? I just think that would be such a lovely surprise to come home to.


Tobi said...

Saskia is so cute, The close up is flawless! She pulled of the nude tones effortlessly !


Love Food said...

The bag is lovely.
Love the colours on it.
And those trousers!

Lydia xxx


CORAL said...

love this look, so romantic .
btw i'm in love with your gorgeous bag !

The Fashion Cloud said...

Love the colour combo off her bag very summery colours :) Who doesn't like a nice big 'bownling' bag to put everything in. I wish I could have gotten to know her more and talk longer. But via comments and her blog she seems like a real does to earth person and with brains which is always nice haha

styleeast said...

Oh this is lovely Jill, great shots of Saskia. She's the nicest, sweetest girl isn't she. And I love her blog, even the name is sheer genius! x

daniela kate morosini said...

saskia is so so gorgeous! she the was absolute sweetest when i met her last week too - seems too cute for med school! love her bag too x

Anonymous said...

I'm her follower, she's a doll and yeah very modest, very smart and uber friendly... bless her :)

thekiwibex said...

Love the bag! I'm going to check out her blog...

I like your comment on people with baggage. I've slowly come to the realisation that some people thrive on melodrama, but this is not the same as being passionate or excited about things. Life is too short to deal with people that are such hard work!

Copious Couture said...

That bag is amazing!!!!


Adorngirl said...

I thought that bag was some expensive designer number, another point for the high street. xx

Vanessa said...

she is lovely! such a pretty face

Anonymous said...

Her bag is amazing!

xoxo Sandra

Anonymous said...

Oh thank you Jill!! I came back quite surprised to a significantly greater number of followers, probably due to you! I will start putting more photos of myself, hopefully starting off with yours! Do you mind if I nick these photos to put on my blog (credit given of course)?

And thanks to everyone for your lovely comments :) :) This has made my day!