Shot this last week @ the V&A (the same day I met up with Claire, come to think of it). Ran past this girl & got this quick shot. If that doesn't sum up how I remember the endless days hanging out with my best friend in high school. She was always so bored, always waiting for something: for summer. For summer to end. For college to start. For our lives to begin.

Now, time is speeding away so fast I can barely hold on and grab it and enjoy the ride.

I'm sure this girl was just waiting for someone, and I'm reading way too much into it.

It seems right now that everyone is either wearing all black, or all white. (The females amongst us, that is: males are going all peacock on us all of a sudden, and anything goes). All I want to wear is white white white. Oh and btw I love her sandals: bits of jewels on her feet. Which reminds me of an old Paul Simon song, Diamonds on the Soles of her Shoes. For you kids out there who don't know it, click play: I really want to know if any of you love it as much as I did then, or am I just a sad old fart.


jazmine rocks @ jazzabelle's diary said...

at the moment i have instantly been drawn to the black pieces in my wardrobe, like usual, but i have to somewhat force myself to add a bit of colour into my life. i was planning of going to my second home (the v&a) ;) today but i was just too lazy to get dressed, so i have just been sipping on ice cold cola and watching wimbledon, hehe.

i adore the way you write, jill. sometimes i read into things too much, too. it rather annoys my family and friends. perhaps she wasn't even waiting for anyone? that's what i see when i look at this picture anyway.

love, jazzabelle. xxx

p.s. i've posted about my artwork, finally!

Unknown said...

love your blog!!!


Vanessa said...

the girl is really beautiful

i like the pic and your blog


Alma said...

Maybe she came there just to think a bit...Cause she doesn't look happy or looking at something... I sometimes like to go out alone just to clear my mind.

Olivia Isabella. said...

That's the way I feel when thinking about fashion... Always looking forward to the next season. Everyone is I suppose. I think we must learn to enjoy what's happening now because everything is just getting faster and faster.
All "deep" things aside, I thoroughly enjoyed that song whilst relaxing in the sun on this beautiful day...
UO x

Style Odyssey said...

I'm into her whole look, particularly her jeweled sandals. Normally I don't care for such glittery embellishments on shoes but hers are cool. I just finished putting some crystals on a formerly-boring pair of Jimmy Choo nude kitten heels. What a difference it made.
As for all black ensembles, I'm into that again, too. Long over are the days of black being a "winter time" color.

Rosalind said...

Personally, I could never be bored in the vicinity of the V & A! I love that place, and would happily set up home in the fashion section if it were allowed. Weshall have to meet there sometime! It also seems like a great place to 'scout' outfits.
But I do see what you mean.. In these last few weeks of my school term, all I want to do is get them over and done with so I can start all my creative projects planned for the summer.
Great location for the shot.

Oh, did you get my email in reply?


The Fashion Cloud said...

I love how you ling a video to your post its just great Jill!!

And I couldn't agree with you more, I am grabbing on to time nowadays like there is no tomorrow :)

I always love reading your posts such a pleasure


styleeast said...

Some more lovely musings. And I'm enjoying the music videos you've been posting lately, it's nice to see your musical inspirations!

3 more words - Fish Finger Friday ;)

Melissa said...

Great song...have not heard it in a good while. I loved listening to it again and watching the video...made me instantly happy. Thanks for posting!

Matthew Spade said...

ha she doesn't half look fed up, she obvs hasn't been to the key and lock section then :)

Pearl Westwood said...

Jill sometimes your sincere kindness makes me want to take you for a HUGE big cupcake and a give you a great big bear hug. I just saw your side bar about Bye bye soccar mom and that is just one of nicest things Ive seen in ages! You are quite right of course and now I am follower number 9. Although I think you need to add that she is one creative DIYer and has literally just found the exact pair of insanely floral shorts I am still searching for x

Love Food said...

She does look very bored, perhaps she's just too hot after all this weather we've been having. I have been trying to stay clear of black because of it.
Oh and to continue what Pearl said, I am now following Maya's blog (follower number 7) and she's absolutely lovely, was just emailing her earlier today. So happy that one of my posts inspired hers!
Great song, very summery sounding, I have it on in the background as I am typing and I'm jiggling about in my seat.

Lydia xxx