a cinderella story

This post has taken me forever to do, because I want to do it right, and because there are so many photos I want to show you, and because I'm such a freakin' perfectionist sometime.

It's a fairy tale, actually. It started with a man named Adam. I'm like the last person to start tweeting, but when I did, somehow I found him and we became twitter friends. Even tho we have yet to actually meet in reality - which is part of the magic of this fairy tale.

There was also a girl named Rosalind, who lived in the English countryside with her mum and her dad and her kid brother. She had a dream of going someday to the Ball - specifically, Somerset House for fashion week, and even more specifically, to the Jaeger show. Being such a fan and all.

Well I had done my best to get Roz a ticket, and the PR people were working on it, but the day of the show, the tickets had still not arrived. So all I could do was to go to the show (not shown here- that's why this is so complex a story) but Roz and her mum, who had come down from the idyllic English countryside, were, alas, not able to attend the ball.

But Lo! This is where the Man named Adam appeared. I like to call him my Fashion Fairy Godfather, altho I get the sense he is not, you know, an actual Fairy in that sense. But he private tweet messaged me did I want tickets to some shows, and then he put me in touch with the most wonderful woman, Amy of Vodafone, and next thing I knew, Amy waved her magic fashion wand and there was a separate, PRIVATE JAEGER SHOW for special VIP Vodafone customers. And Roz and Polly, her mum (and my friend) and I sat in the front row, and everyone lived happily ever after. And she did a lovely post about it, and called it Homage to Jaeger.

What I loved about the VIP Vodafone show, vs the one I saw the previous day, is they showed the collection from last September. It was more like what fashion shows were originally intended for: people could then click and buy, instead of waiting six months for the season to start. It's the first time, to my knowledge, that London has done that for a fashion show, and it's a lovely idea. And in true Cinderella fashion, I also loved how for the 'Boutique' collection - more informal, lovely light frocks, really good, affordable stuff I could WEAR - the models wore bare legs and white sneakers. Such a refreshing change.

We even were guests at an excellent private dinner after, at Tom's (in Somerset House) and met such cool, creative people: Poppy, and Elle, and a great photographer named Nick.. oh and here's the weird thing: the bane of my existence is I had this Bad Blackberry which kept breaking and ATE ITS OWN TEXT FOLDER (people would send me texts and then unfriend me because I didn't reply but I didn't know!) and I couldn't get it fixed because the company I had signed with - not mentioning their name - had screwed me up and not put my address book on my simm card.. anyway, the REAL happily ever after part of the story for me is I now have a new phone, I'm free of my old, bad contract, and will be switching to Vodafone.

At which point I shall truly live happily ever after. And if you, too, want to live happily ever after, simply click your ruby slippers twice, then click on VIP.VODAFONE.CO.UK, and say out loud: 'there's no place like Vodafone.'


San said...

Such a sweet story with lovely people and even better it's not just a story but happened in real life. That's amazing. And an amazing post too.

Glad you are so lucky.

Matthew Spade said...

what an amazing turn of events, well good that she and her mum got to go in the end

ediot said...

hi dear thanks for sharing this post. and your perfectionism pays off-you do put your soul into the posts, with the way you write as well as the photos being amazing. i can't believe these beautiful photographs you take..
would love to read some hints and tips about how to take better runway photos, i have so much to learn from you.
hope you're having a good day lovely.


koast to koast said...
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koast to koast said...

OB-SESSED with that first knit skirt!
great photos!!

xo kelsey and kayti

Pearl Westwood said...

Yay what a fine tale Jill, Jaeger are pretty cutting edge if you ask me and Roz certainly deserved her fairytale! x

Lizzy said...

Aw, such a wonderful story! I too have known the awesomeness of vodafone, they regularly indulge my obsession with formula 1 by hosting exclusive events with the Mclaren team. I spotted their LFW events on their website, but sadly was out of the country when they were happening :(. I'm so glad your tale had a happy and glamorous ending! xx

jessica said...

Hello Please. Your life seems impossibly wonderful and glamorous. Would you by any chance like to trade?? Or maybe just hire me as an assistant so I too can go to fashion week and VIP events.... Just wondering...
The pics are brilliant x

Beautifully Invisible said...

This is such a wonderful post! As always, you captured the moments perfectly with your exquisite photography, but more tan anything this narrative was so wonderful to read. I am happy that Roz and her mom got their fairytale ending, and I think that Roz might just have 3 fairy godmothers - you, Adam and Amy!

SabinePsynopsis said...

Aaawww, this is such a wonderful story and Roz needed to be there, with her love for Jaeger and all... Well done, Jill, Adam and Amy - fashion fairies, that's what you are! xoxo

style odyssey said...

such a nice story, a happy ending, too! it was surely meant to be. :)
well done to adam and other fashion fairies!
i really like these clothes here- especially the black and white dress with pleats. it's all very pretty.