for japan, with love

For Japan: I've donated to the Red Cross, and will continue to, and will donate to Shelter Box. I will mark this day, Friday, as a day of silence and solidarity and prayers for the people of Japan. Thank you to Lucia for replying so quickly. Click here if you'd like to take part in this initiative.


Shopgirl said...

Am also doing this. Think it is wonderful when the blogging community comes together like this.

Blink London said...

Hi, this is great. I'm just gutted that I discovered it after posting today, and now it seems a bit silly to have it on my blog- but I will be tweeting all about it. Great effort.

thea natalie said...

Joined and also donated to the red cross, I travel to Japan regularly and am very saddened by this.

Natalie @Creatures of Life x