holly go lightly

I don't know whether it's the sunshine here in London, or the flowers (this is the most sudden gorgeous spring, it is KILLING ME with gorgeousness) or maybe it's just time passing since recent current global events, but I'm suddenly getting into fashion again. I don't mean I'm IN fashion again (I never was) but I'm INTO it. Oh, never mind. Hopefully you know what I mean. I'm just really excited about my clothes again: wearing bare legs and little socks with flat shoes and little sixties dresses, and the idea of killer heels with bare legs.. just love love love it.

Last night we were watching Zen on DVD (thank God for LoveFilm) and on the bit on the making of the series, Rufus Sewell was talking about his style influences: Cary Grant, North by Northwest, sixties romps, and I started watching Breakfast at Tiffanys. Thinking about how Truman Capote wrote the Holly Golightly character for his sad tragic friend Marilyn Monroe, and how differently the character became when inhabited by Audrey Hepburn.

Which got me started thinking, before I went to sleep last night, about that difference between the Good Girl type (i.e. Hepburn) - the ladylike female - and the naughty, sexy type: the Elizabeth Taylors, the Marilyn Monroes. And then this morning in the Sunday Times Style Section - I wish I could link it for you but I can't- the brilliant Shane Watson wrote her piece on the BGD (Bad Girl's Dress) 'otherwise known as the pulling dress'. She used the see thru number Kate Middleton - our future Queen - wore when she caught Prince Charming's eye. And how the same dress on a different woman might look, uh.. a bit slutty. And how some women can wear anything and make it look like a BGD.

So here, for your viewing pleasure, some of my shots from Holly Fulton's recent A/W 2011 show at Somerset House. Just like I wish I could show you the article, I wish I could show you every shot I took, but that would be a bit obnoxious. So just a few here, a few more tomorrow.. maybe a bit of street style after that, then back to more Holly.. you don't mind, do you?

Hope everyone had a gorgeous weekend. We had a blissful day in the park. There's something about spring that makes me want to cry. All those little yellow daffodils. All the cherry blossoms.


Olivia Isabella. said...

Oh my gosh, I absolutely LOVED that article today! Such an observant article, really picked up on something!

And I really know what you mean about getting INTO fashion... I'm having that right now as I have just stumbled across some amazing blogs and ordered green clogs!

Olivia x

Carrott said...

Now that you mention this, I hate to say it but I haven't watch Breakfast at Tiffanys yet... The other day I bought the book in a charity shop and I really can't wait to read it and watch the film afterwards! I feel like I'm from another planet. xxx

jill said...

Carrott!! Olivia!! Good to hear from you both. Was just shutting this down when I saw both comments. So glad you saw the article, Olivia, I couldn't do it as a link and Carrott, I wish I'd read the book first. Jazmine (Jazzabelle's Diary) the other day said that she read the book and we were comparing it to the film. Now I want to read it again.

Goodnight! : 0 x

SabinePsynopsis said...

So true! Spring's beauty is a wonderful surprise - every year again. And every year I tell myself: I'm not going to wear socks EVER AGAIN! Eternal optimist... xo

SabinePsynopsis said...

P.S. And I would love to walk through spring in this Holly Fulton skirt!

LittleRachael said...

I love, love, love that skirt!

Little Rachael Style
Little Rachael Style
Little Rachael Style

Katie said...

I'm so happy to see flowers again! Though I was a bit overzealous in embracing spring again. Unfortunately, after three days without wearing a coat, I resigned after shivering through the first half of Saturday. Hopefully the sun will stay with us for a while.

mtg said...

Love the combination of pale blue and black pleated detail. Plus red soles, so unexpected.

When I read your title I knew I heard that name before ;) Why, of course Breakfast at Tiffany's. I've watched it for the first time this Valentine, and to be honest, don't understand what's the fuss about... I mean the movie... Of course Audrey Hepburn is brilliant and I love her, but not that movie... sorry, had to be honest. On the other hand, Sabrina was fantastic!!!! Really funny and charming. Can't wait to see Roman Holiday (all three movies came on one DVD, which was my sweet Valentines gift this year).
Btw, I'm love spring too. Hope, New beginning...

Laura. said...

I know what she means, there are certain body shapes that instantly put a dress on and get the cat calls and the wolf whistles. These tend to be the more curvy women. However a girl such as kate can wear it without fear of looking a bit over the top.

A Forte For Fashion

Clazzerati said...

Hey Jill, my friend just passed me a copy of ES magazine and lo and behold, you're in it! Sorry if I missed a post where you mentioned you were going to be in it (i've been rather slack at catching up on my blog reading of late, tut tut) - if you want me to send you a copy just let me know! xx

Fashion Imperative said...

love this! shoes everything!


Al said...

Hello!! It's my first comment here but I've been reading you for some weeks now...

The girls and women you're talking about... It's like they make the dress with their personality not the other way around (and I'll never be able to do that... So I'll sit here and admire them from the pages of the magazines, the images I get from books and the ones coming from the movies... and die of envy :D)

I love this collection from Holly Fulton, didn't know the designer before... I also really like the yellow models up here in the next post.

Oh and I'm crying in endless spring-y bliss too: here in the Flanders it has been sunny and 15-20 degrees for more than a week in a row and I think I didn't see something like that from last july!! :D


-The Red Dot-

jill said...

AI, this just popped in so I hope you see this: first, good to hear from you, thank you for the comment! Yes that's exactly what I mean. I guess it's that distinction between wearing the dress or the dress wearing you. When I do streetstyle - and finally, after a cold winter, I'm really excited about that starting up again - I'm much more interested in that personality coming thru, than any separate items - or even whether someone is conventionally attractive.

Thanks Fashion Imperative. And Clazzerati: I'd LOVE a spare copy! I forgot on the day and they had run out and I only got one copy. I'm so useless at self promotion.

blackbirddesign said...

Jill, I have to admit, every time I watch Breakfast at Tiffany's I think of you!
You are my Holly GoLightly! :)

style odyssey said...

The pale blue and black combo is really stunning, as are your photos. :)