marin blue

You've no doubt seen me post about the lovely Marin (@marinmonroe) before. There's tons I want to say about her, the colour blue, Miranda Priestly's scene about the history of cerulan, Sabine's post, more about blue, the different kinds of blue, link to all of these, and include a youtube video of Bob Dylan singing Tangled up in Blue, but I'd be late for yoga. And I haven't gone in ages.

Sorry! And sorry Marin! ; ) To be continued. xoxo

p.s. It's the Antithesis! Her blog, I mean. Check it out. She's very clever, our Marin. Beautiful, younger than you'd think, hard working, clever, and, most importantly, really really nice. Generous old soul.


Matthew Spade said...

quite enjoying the @ after mentioning someone, it's the way forward

A La Mode said...

Ahhh what a beauty! That colour os gorgeous on her.

tonbogirl said...

Dear Jill, thank you for your comment, made my day :-) I love your energy, it keeps me going when I feel down....

mtg said...

Wow, that blue is fantastic and of course so is Marin.

TakeitEZE said...

hello again! love the first photo... it's so delicate and feminine, she looks like a such a nice, relaxed person!

ediot said...

great shots here jill- love her blazer.what a wonderful color!
hope you're having a great weekend dear

SabinePsynopsis said...

I'm happy you liked my Miranda inspiration, Jill! Blue seems to be THE colour these days. xoxo