sushi fois gras

Have you ever had such an incredible dinner - the people, the atmosphere, the food, the conversation, everything just so magic - that you literally could not sleep after? That's what last night was like. And it was all women. We were invited to a very private exclusive dinner (usually when they say that, it means a free for all) but this really was. AQUA KYOTO is the most amazing place I've ever been. It makes Nobu look like fast food.

Everything was just so unbelievably wonderful, the food so sublime, that I can't properly explain. So I"m going to split this in separate posts, and go out into the sunshine instead. Along with my friend Kate McAuley ('I'm not a celebrity'), it was the first time I met the women behind Red Carpet Fashion Awards, Disney Roller Girl, Alex Loves, and my fellow American, Emily of Fashion Fois Gras, and they're all so so nice. Generous spirited, fun, intelligent women. And how fitting: these are shots of her actually eating SUSHI FOIS GRAS (the green one). I think I shall remember this dinner for, like, ever. Thank you to Jess for inviting me, and Fiona and Amy of the Communication Store for being such great hostesses. Memorable, magic night.

There is a lovely tradition that has cropped up, to devote our Friday posts to Japan. Last night and today I've felt immersed in the Japanese culture, even dreaming of Japan. Doing this, in my heart, for you, but check out Kate's post today, which compiles creative ways people are raising money for Japan.

Photos by me @ AQUA KYOTO, Holly Fulton S/S 2011, and on the island of Ponza, off the Italian coast. I LOVE AQUA if you haven't noticed!


Joobah said...

Hey, I really enjoy reading your blog though I'm usually a lurker. I wish I'd commented before on one of the many posts I've enjoyed - unfortunately I have to comment here for another reason.

Apologies if this didn't apply to the kind you ate, but foie gras sushi is generally made of force-fed goose liver. If you have a moment to look here and potentially reconsider eating it in the future, I'd really appreciate it: http://www.stopforcefeeding.com/

The very fact that birds quickly return to their normal weight if left to their own devices suggests the cruelty of the practice. Sorry to have to ruin a happy post - I still admire and like your blog and am sure I'll continue to do so.

Fashion Limbo said...

very nice post. Love the pictures as always :) I', also in love with Japan and its culture, although I've never been fortunate enough to go there. I really feel this tragedy and all we can do is try to help and send lots of love their way, just like you did with this lovely post xx

daisychain said...

What a lovely post, I'm so envious of your blogger meet ups! xo

FashionableAsians said...

Nobu is pretty good so if you say this is better then it must be lol Too bad it's not in NY :( I have a local sushi place called Kyoto and they never disappoint!

i am not a celebrity said...

Lovely, lovely, lovely. And thank you. Delish.

jill said...

Thank you. Daisychain I wish you were in London! FashionableAsians, I love Nobu so you can just imagine. This is the most amazing sublime incredible place. I keep relieving the experience in my head.

Joobah: I absolutely totally agree. As someone who is at core a vegetarian - as a baby, my mom said I'd make faces at the beef baby food and break into smiles of delight with spinach and carrot - I always find I have to kind of take a deep breath and try not to picture pretty cow faces when I'm eating beef. There are few foods I won't eat but I won't touch veal or lamb - I don't eat 'children' is my motto.

I do know about the cruelty with foie gras and we had just been talking about it, because Emily chose the name 'fashion foie gras' because of her strap line of being 'force fed fashion on a daily basis' - not because she eats the stuff. So when a platter arrived minutes later and the waitress pointed out what was what, and we realised it was fois gras, it was just a weird coincidence.

I did have to kind of ignore what my instincts told me and I ate it. But that was an exception. I don't buy any pate, and especially boycott fois gras for that reason. So no, you haven't offended me at all: we're totally on the same page.

Grateful you've been a lurker, but now that you've come out of the shadows, hope we'll hear from you again!

Lexxi Elizabeth Davis said...

WOW I love sushi and this just looks incredible! and now I am wishing I was in Ponza xx