they said you was high class

More from Topshop Unique, back in London Fashion Week, which feels like eons ago. Paris is over, everyone's moved on.. still more to show you but today I'm bringing my camera while I'm out at various meetings, seeing friends, so who knows, if the mood strikes, perhaps I shall street shoot again.

Call me old fashioned, but I still always love the ladylike option. A bit of lace, a bit of fur.. a please here, a thank you there... at the end of the day, dignity reigns, in my book.


San said...

Lovely post. I prefer ladylike too and good manners, I'm working on mine.

And if you want to take some time off, do it. Even if it is just a day without a computer or TV it's magical and gives back big amounts of creativity and energy.


Milly said...

great photos

Really lovely blog, I'm following!

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the style crusader said...

Manners are always good, I definitely agree! Maybe it's my post run light headedness but these photos make me feel a bit dizzy! All the movement in the background... the way it's blurred to the side is sort of what you imagine you'd see before passing out.... or waking up after you've fainted. Really like the fur and the mary jane shoes but have to say I'm not such a fan of knee high socks. Overall though, definitely happy to welcome on the more refined and grown up look!

Looks like you had a prime spot for the show you lucky thing! xx

style odyssey said...

dignity, class and manners- yes to that!
i like these slightly blurred movement shots. the outfits are really pretty.
side note: DH is set to wipe my hard drive clean and then i'll have to reload everything and start fresh...scary! he says he'll work on it tonight. i've backed up everything. in the meantime, i'm using his old laptop but i miss mine w/ all my stuff! anyway, hopefully i'll have skype again soon and we can chat!

Anonymous said...

A bit of fur can make any outfit! Glad to see that my brown fur coat will still be in next season too!

Alexandra Thérèse xx


SabinePsynopsis said...

These are some wonderful pieces to come (and the styling luckily is still down to us in the end)
& I've always appreciated your charming ways and good manners, Jill! xoxo

Carrott said...

I haven't commented on your blog (or almost any blog) in ages... Sorry for that!
I love that last dress and shoes. xxx

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