can you keep a secret?

If you're anywhere near NYC or London (Oxford Circus to be specific): starting tomorrow, Topshop is launching a secret pop up shop within a shop. It's a cute idea: people are meant to discover it by chance. The first clue will be a florist on the corner designed by Meadham Kirchoff.. well I'm not going to give the whole thing away, that would be telling. All I can say is it's the first of its kind for a high street chain: a chance for designers to produce things they wouldn't normally be able to do for their own line. I'm curious, and will be stopping by tomorrow - with camera.

Sneak preview: the model above is wearing Tom Scott, and the other pieces are Dot's special pics. Have you noticed lately I'm really really into white?

It will be running for two weeks, by the way. Selected items will be available online, but the secretive secretness of it can only be experienced in reality. Which isn't such a bad place to be: step away from the screen now and go into the sunshine, cupcakes!


Anonymous said...

yeah, so I'v heard..wish i could be there! what lovely dreamy clothing! xoxo


Mondenkind said...

i love the two dresses on the left! they look a bit medieval. i want to have them! why cant we have them in Frankfurt?

Queec said...

so cute!


ediot said...

that bikini. amazing, i want it and need it. is it from topshop?really?

The Fashion Cloud said...

They have some really great stuff it seems, I like all the different takes on crochet :)