consolations of cooler weather

Well, we had that extraordinary heat wave, which meant that, having NOT booked an Easter Holiday to either Miami/Palm Beach/Mom, or to our favourite Hotel Hurricane on the Andalusia costa de Luz, or to anywhere in Italy - or ANYWHERE, frankly, that was warm and sunny - instead we got deep dark tans by swimming in the lovely outside heated pool.. in the countryside outside London.

And now that it's a bit cooler again, one consolation is I can wear a big crazy plaid Chanel-inspired hand me down jacket from my sister, pairing it with the weirdest things. Once it gets warmer again, I plan to wear it with short shorts and crazy heels, or little flats. It's prompted me to take a look at some of the shots from the recent Chanel press day: have you noticed that the higher quality a group is, the nicer the people are? (and, sadly, visa versa). I loved how all the Chanel team wear wearing the season's jackets in the coolest ways. And the reason I'm posting this shot so large is - can you see it? - the moth holes! I didn't even notice it at the time, it just comes across as so opulent and luxurious. Just goes to show, doesn't it? Perception is everything.


adrielleroyale said...

"Perception is everything." You got that right! The older I get (even at just 30) the more that truth rings SO clearly! :)

Susan said...

awww, that jacket... I would love to lay my little hands on one :))

Raspberry & Rouge said...

Gorgeous! Love the jacket! XO Raspberry & Rouge


Kazuko said...

oh, this jacket screams my name! it's the holes that makes it "mine". but actually, i wouldn't mind any other chanel jacket. (as long as it's a classical boxy one!)