elle red girls

First: apologies for the totally lame title.

We were @Jaeger press day, and these two girls were admiring the rack for the vintage collection (more about that coming up) when they realised I was shooting it. SO sweet & thoughtful - one of the reasons I pinch myself to live in this wonderfully polite nation - & all apologetic so I said, forget that, let's shoot you!

I gave each of them my last card - they actually know and follow my blog! - and work at real magazines: Elle (left) and Red (right) in the same building, as they told me. But while I remember who works for what, I am totally, totally blanking on their name. Usually someone who goes by the name of Anonymous gets in touch with answers to all my queries- this blog has become for me a combination of Serendipity, Coincidence, and Divine Intervention - so til the Oracle speaks, let's just leave it as they're two very stylish editors. Don't you think? Check out those little sequin booties on the left, perfect with her wonderfully toned pins.


Unknown said...

Very lovely looking stylish ladies!


Anonymous said...

Love the way they are dressed! so liberating and so contemporary

Veshoevius said...

great outfits, both of them - I do love the sequin booties do but love her colourful scarf even more!

the nyanzi report said...


SabinePsynopsis said...

They are gorgeous, just like magazine ladies ought to be - but Elle?!!?!?!??!?!??!??


jill said...

; ) I told you: I bear no ill will words Elle, the brand, the magazine.. OR the supermodel, come to think of it! (We've met a few times: she's absolutely lovely).

Still haven't heard a peep from them.. most strange, as they both knew my blog and said they follow it. Perhaps just not this week!