flash paradise

.. I've discovered, is to simply wear the colour yellow! It's as simple as that!

Still haven't found my yellow swimsuit.. but found a photo (I actually think this was taken by Mr. Dot: and from a great distance, at that. Probably somewhere in the Carribean.. not sure).

Weird coincidence, tho: just as I found the photo, I also found in my inbox, an invite from my lovely friends Lucy (Snippets of Shiny Thoughts) and Carrie (WishWishWish) - they're doing a wonderful Uni project to raise money for Japan. Invite below, just please email flash@flashparadise, and/or tweet @flashparadise - oh and she said 'they need to be a blogger' but hey, if you're reading this, chances are you are one, right? Read all about it here.

It's funny that they chose this yellow background: it's more the kind of softer yellow I lean towards. The swimsuit, tho, if I recall, was that really intense yellow. The 'skirt' is a shot I took of a flower - it's not real. But then again, if you really think about it, what is?

Weather report in London today: sun's out, but it's not swimming weather at the moment. What I'm wearing: Chanel-esque bold plaid jacket, lime green jumper, tan leggings, hot pink watch. Fashion can be fun.


jessica said...

Um. How cute are you in that picture?? It looks gorgeous where ever you are (yourself included obvs) I wish you had included a pic of the described outfit... sounds equally amazing!

daisychain said...

You have such a bangin beach body Jill!

JTWisdom said...


This picture looks lovely of you. The flower as a skirt is very creative.


Nina Piccini said...

This picture is adorbs. And I love the yellow suit! I'm so anti-full suits, but now I may try one this summer. Yellow also looks great on you, you're lucky! It's such an amazing and inspiring color.

Weather report here: 40F & rain. ((Thumbs down))

style odyssey said...

like i said, you can definitely do yellow!
who do you do to stay so fit, just swimming and yoga? you're my fitness inspiration!

Susan said...

you have such a great figure- and yellow is great for you!

Lucy said...

thank you jiiiillll! sorry ive been so busy, I missed this lovely post - so kind of you :D xxx