It seems weird to think about coats right now: the sun's back out here in London and we're bunking off early for the weekend for a lovely day trip to go swimming yay!! But I just suddenly remembered, I don't think I showed you this shot of Roz @ LFW. Or did I? Please forgive me if I'm repeating myself. It was her first day of her first ever fashion week, and she chose this outfit, and when I saw her I had just come out of the Jaeger show (the other two shots) and it was uncanny how she had channelled the collection. I love, tho, how that little bit of turquoise makes all the difference. These are autumn colours, but if you start mixing them with the pop of aqua, hey presto: it's spring & summer. It's a tawnier side to yellow. A more.. haha, mellow yellow.

Ah, aqua. The colour of swimming pools. Gonna go pack the sunscreen & goggles. Have a lovely Friday all! xox


Rachael said...

Roz has such a great sense of style :)

fashion and frank said...

love it - great outfit


Nina Piccini said...

Love the coat, and handbag!

have fun in the sun!


adrielleroyale said...

Oh I really like that coat in the second picture! The lines and texture are so clean and rich! Hope you have a great weekend!! :)

style odyssey said...

i don't think i saw this one of roz...you are right: turquoise makes all the difference, and in more ways than one. (in an outfit, and of course in nature...crystal clear tropical waters.)
happy weekend! xo

Susan said...

great style!

Raspberry & Rouge said...

Love the colours, gorgeous!!Great blog! XO Raspberry & Rouge


Rosalind said...

Ah, Jaeger, how I do love thee... great photo Jill and how very flattering to be posted alongside images from the A/W collection. Now, how do I get my hands on that oatmeal coloured coat and the fabric boots? They look absolutely made for strolling through drifts of leaves (not that I'm wishing away the spring or summer!)