in a bluebell woodland

Last night on the One Show (six days left to watch that episode) there was a segment on bluebells. Did you know the UK is the only place in the world that has these kind of bluebell woodlands? (Or maybe I got that wrong). Apparently 50% of the world's bluebells are in England. And this is the time of year for them.

These shots were from last year (and yes: that is a yellow raincoat: granted, a really pale one. It's a favourite oldie: I nearly lost it when I had lunch in Boca Raton with my lovely lovely friends Pret and Stephanie and came back the next day and had a really sweet experience getting it back.) And Mr. Dot saw these shots - which he took btw - and said 'what's that thing hanging down from your ass?' It's not a tail: it's some kind of scarf I had used as a back-tie belt. What was I thinking.

Speaking of sweet experiences, we're off for the weekend to see friends sing & play in the Kent countryside, but first: I could swear I saw a bluebell woodland near Sabine's gorgeous country house a fortnight back, so we're going to go bluebell foraging. It's raining now so no time to swim first. What are your plans? Hope they're lovely everyone! xox


Matthew Spade said...

i didn't see it and i didn't know this, that makes me feel pretty good about this place

sorelle in style said...

how beautiful are those flowers?! i've never had the pleasure of seeing them in person, so thanks for sharing! and the "tail" actually works in this photo - it makes you look like an indigenous creature, in the greatest way possible, of course!

sorelle in style

Raspberry & Rouge said...

Gorgeous! Those flowers are so pretty! Amazing dear!! XO Raspberry & Rouge


Susan said...

wow, beautiful!

adrielleroyale said...

I thought these were beautiful then, and I think they are beautiful now :)

A La Mode said...

Ahhh this reminds me of being at home in Devon walking the dogs through the woods. It looks just like this at this time of year!

Rosalind said...

There's a bluebell wood at the top of the lane where I live. The scent is simply intoxicating. I can almost catch a waft of it looking at these photos.

LittleRachael said...

Love the coat!

Little Rachael
Little Rachael
Little Rachael

frisør said...

Cool blog :-)