people we love: jessica de lotz

Jess is such a star.

Jess (Jessica de Lotz) is an effervescent, pixie of a girl with great style, who is a really jewelry designer.

Jess is also my friend Gwyneth's friend. And in an absolutely bizarre twist of fate, a month or so ago, I was meeting Gwyneth for lunch and I just happened to mention how I had 'let the lights dictate' and stumbled upon the most amazing show tied in with the Royal Wedding, at Smythson, and she looked at me in surprise and said 'That's my friend Jess!' (She had been telling me about her and how we had to meet).

And so, we did. It was the day before the Royal Wedding, when I was with Adrian shooting on the Mall, and I've been hoarding the shots ever since, because - like Jess, I'm a bit of a magpie. Her jewelry, which she creates out of crests that she designs with her brother, a graphic designer, is then made into stamps which she stamps into wax, and she casts I believe 18k gold and silver jewelry.. see, I'm so afraid I'm getting this wrong. Which is part of the reason I've been putting this post off so long. That, and there are just too many shots I want to show you. So I'll do it in stages. This is the first. Must run: to meet Gwyneth, actually!

Don't you just love her shoes? She customised the bits of fur. This is what I mean about her. I just can't do justice to her in one post. Check out her website. Everything - not just the jewelry, but all the little bits she finds and love - it's all such an extension of her unique style. OH! and she just got married to the cutest man. But that's another story.


Loulou said...

Aw one of my nearest and dearest, she is a little shiny star x

Heather Taylor said...

Her outfit is gorgeous. I adore the coloring on the jacket she's wearing.

Jewellery Bijou said...

Great outfit!beautiful pictures!

BeLighter said...

The jewellery is beautiful!!! And those shoes are simply insane! Love it!

ediot said...

she looks great. i love how she put together that outfit.
Hope you're having a good weekend dear

Alexander McQueen said...

Really interesting outfits. I like shoes and jewelery most.

T-Shirt and Tails said...

I love Jessica's jewellery, particularly her ‘The Love Story. Paris 1946’ collection. It is on my wish list!

T-Shirt and Tails


Pearl Westwood said...

What a great idea to add pom poms to your shoes!