Incredible: just as I uploaded these photos, on our white bed in the right feng shui'd position by the open window, a breeze entered the room, wrapping me in a sheer cloud of white curtain. I was so tangled up my hands couldn't even touch the keyboard. I've been waiting for, like, ever, to post these photos: part of my Hyde Park 'swan' series.

There is nothing I could say that's as gosh darn good as Veshoevius's post: RAPTURE. Click on it. Good stuff.

I think I read somewhere (or did I dream it?) that Debbie Harry wrote this song after meeting one of the early rappers ('Fab Fab Freddie', in the song) and she did her white girl version, wrote it in a few minutes. It's all kind of semi-autobiographical, actually. Rapture.


Anonymous said...

just gorgeous those swans! i remember drawing a pair in grade school, haha! ;)


style odyssey said...

exquisite swan photos, blondie...LOVE it all!!
wow, "rapture" brings back memories of my early high school days. i remember when this song came out, there were conversations in the halls...kids discussing what on earth was "rap" music, and was blondie changing music styles or something? we couldn't wait to see what the band would come up with next. oh, how i loved their music and debbie harry's style.

Queec said...

so pure..


daisychain said...

Oh Jill,
I'd have any of these pictures framed on my wall. Just incredible.

Veshoevius said...

Wonderful photos! They are amazing creatures aren't they? Thanks for the mention!

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ediot said...

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