street chic: loli

Adrian - aka Mr. SnappyLifeStyle - and I were moving through the crowds of Covent Garden, Trafalgar Square, at a pretty, well, snappy pace, on our way to Snap some Pics at the Mall, the day before the Royal Wedding. I'm not sure who spotted Loli first, sitting on the wall, smoking and smoldering. But we both snapped away, and she was so nice about it. Also: this never happens, but I didn't touch anything about these photos. No softening of her porcelain skin, no spot removal. Not even dodging or burning or adjusting the light. She said she'd wished she'd brushed her hair, but I can only imagine how she looks when she makes an effort!

I couldn't remember at the time where she said her dress was from - I thought it was McQueen - but it was actually ASOS, for £14! And the shoes, some shop in Soho (she forgot the name). I'm going to meet her again, for lunch, as she's really nice and frankly: I can feel a series coming on. Note btw: yellow, and black, and yet - I feel - no bumblebee effect whatsoever. Just total street chic.


Adorngirl said...

I love the effortless vamp vibe she has going, the dark hair, plae skin, set with red lips, and loving the actual dress print it has that 80's Versace look about it. xx

jill said...

Yes! YOu're absolutely right, Ashanti! Funny: I was just thinking about you. A tweet... note to self: must find tweet and RT xx

mtg said...

At first, I thought Alexander McQueen too. Looks really good on her.
And you're absolutely right, no bumblebee effect whatsover. I actually, have been thinking about your "yellow post" from several days ago. You made me realize I have a secret love affair with yellow (secret, because I don't wear it a lot, but do love it). First thing that comes to mind, when you say "yellow" is Van Gogh and his use of yellow in sunflowers or stars.
I'm not sure why yellow frightens people. It's such a happy color. It can be easily paired with blue, green. Or how about full burst of color with orange and red all together?!
Current fruit trend is also full of yelow: Stella McCarthy's citrus prints and Prada's banana earrings.
And, I love how fashionistas now use neon yellow. Especially combined with neutrals.
Possibilities are endless.

A La Mode said...

Wow this girl's a stunner!

mtg said...

sorry, of course I meant Stella McCartney...

jill said...

Oh how funny, Maya, I didn't even see it (again: perception). And I love what you wrote, I was especially picturing a kind of greener-leaning neon yellow with warm grey, almost taupe. I love opposites. Like olivey-grey with hot pink, for example.

In fact I can feel a post coming up.. a kind of game, trying to figure out what colours absolutely do not work: because most, in the right context, do.

Thanks David! Thanks Charley May!

Susan said...

hair <3

Mulika Harnett said...

You know I love this, right! Great looking gal & I love the mood you manage to capture. Lends itself well to her retro feel and all that gorgeous dark hair!

Look forward to seeing more :)

Mulika x

styleeast said...

What an amazing street spot! That dress is divine (heading straight to asos to look it up) with her colouring! xx