running in heels: a girl's guide to london fashion week

Apologies: I'm still posting Day One! I am so far behind. Just got in: cold, wet, starving, desperately in need of bubble bath.. (my beautiful, natural blond sister Amy, in Massachusetts, just emailed that I'd mentioned I was at fashion week, and said 'Are you in NY?' Read my blog, Amy, you'll figure out which city I'm in.)

Tonight I'm just posting random shots, this theme is kinda bold, kinda black, bits o' prints... I must admit I haven't shot any of the tons of leopard prints I've been seeing, as I'm saturated from shooting that all fall & winter, but trust me: I'm seeing some amazing leopard looks. I didn't even think of wearing my Motel Rocks leopard coat - which is my warmest - as I thought it was so last season but if it stays this cold, I'm definitely wearing it tomorrow.

Seeing lots of black leather (as I did in September) but the best looks are when it's balanced with something floaty, sheer, neutral, or nude.. like this vanilla top. Sorry, blouse. (I was just reading in the LFW daily paper: blouses are out, shirts are in.. can someone explain the difference please? Is it a Brit/Yank thing, like we call trousers pants and you think we're talking about our underwear?)

(Oh, I'm starting to soften my stance on harem pants). This is Rena, wearing Anna Angseryd of Made by Scandinavian. Which reminds me.. there was a clever piece in a London paper - Guardian perhaps? - that was a guide to how to dress for fashion week. I read it and I so disagree (sorry, but I do). She was saying things like 'you must wear killer heels..'

EVERYONE is wearing killer heels. You want to stand out? Wear normal, comfortable shoes. With attitude.

(Oh, that's another thing: they also said don't wear tights with dots, it's so last season. Oh, please).

Let me explain something: the entire Somerset House square is lined in cobblestones. As is the roads you need to run on to get to the various shows spread around Covent Garden. Running in heels isn't just tricky: it's potentially fatal. If you want to go for statement, height, platform is far more practical. As if practicality ever entered into fashion.

(btw: please - if you see yourself here - do let me know!)

Listen, I'm not kidding, ANYONE can come to London Fashion Week. So what if you don't have a ticket to a show: the best part, the people watching part, is FREE. The square at Somerset House is open to the public, you can even use the rest rooms.

You can see famous people going in & out of shows, and eat yummy crepes @ the silver Lavazza truck, or get a hot chocolate @ the Topshop truck..

And don't listen to those articles: truly, don't worry what you're wearing. This is the one place - unlike Tesco - where you can wear your flannel PJs and get away with it: someone will want to shoot you for their blog, and then everyone will start wearing flannel PJs. There's no wrong answer: to thine own self be true.

Just dress warm, put on your biggest smile, and be the star you know, deep down inside, you truly are.


iliketweet said...

So agree, you can do whatever you want! It's even easy to blag your way into shows :)
Hope you had fun!



jill said...

I know.. that, too. Altho I did request the way we're meant to, I'm realising even getting into shoes is easier than you'd think. It's amazing what a nice smile can accomplish.

STILL having fun.. how about you, Clare? Have I met/shot you yet??

Serina said...

Thank you for this post it really made me smile :) I might try and make my way to London next fashion week then!


jill said...

Why wait, Serina? It's STILL ON!! If you're in town, take the Picadilly line to Covent Garden & go to the Strand. Somerset House. Find me, I'll shoot you ; )

Laura. said...

I wish I could make it down, instead im stuck at uni doing my dissertation. But hearing you can blag your way in makes me smile!

And I agree where what you wish! have fun with it!


Leah said...

I agree... the people-watching is the best part. I enjoyed looking at your streetstyle pics more than the runway shots.

Love the girl in the vanilla top and leather jacket... her bag is awesome.

Yes killer heels if you're not running around and shooting pics. Hahaha! Have a great day my friend! xoxo

iliketweet said...

So easy! I blagged my way into Christopher Kane last season :)

Thanks for the comments on my blog by the way! I had my LFW trip cut short so didn't manage to see many shows sadly but I've worked with Holly in the past and she's lovely and incredibly talented.
And sadly no I haven't met or been shot by you!

The blagging secret is just being very nice to everybody and making friends in the right places :)

Thanks for your congrats and have a great time at LFW, Craig Lawrence is lovely, go say hi!



jill said...

I will, Clare, thank you. And yes, that's what I've been finding: it really is incredible how NICE everyone is. I don't know why I waited all these years, I just fell for the Devil Wears Prada stuff. So far they all seem like absolute angels to me!

Leah: it's true: it's either great shoes, or great shots: can't have both! SO wish you were here.

Laura: I guess dissertation trumps fashion week. Good luck & see you in September!! xox

J. said...

Such good pics! But it looks so cold there! You need to wear that leopard coat of yours. As far as the harem pants go, I love the styling of those you've posted but I'm still a bit leary...maybe because I'm so short?

Serina said...

Thats incredibly nice of you! I wish I could but I'm at school :( I will actually be visiting my sister soon but I'm afraid it will be in early march! Gutted! But it would be lovely to meet you another time x

Danz said...

Thanks for this amazing post! I agree with you 100%!! I moved to England a few months ago and I wanted someone to go people-watching with at LFW, but after reading this post, I may go on my own because it sounds too fun to miss out on! Will you also be at London Fashion Weekend?

adrielleroyale said...

Such fun shots! I love people watching :) I agree too that it really is amazing the difference a smile will make to one's appearance.

La gata fina... said...

I bought the hat in the first picture when I was in London last November and I get weird looks here in Charlottesville, Virginia (no surprise there,) but I LOVE IT!

Julie said...

I love your attitude and your photos! =)
Do you know where the Burberry Prorsum show is tomorrow? I would really like to go there and do some people watching. =)

Pearl Westwood said...

Jill I need more info on that Topshop van, it is very mysterious, is it like an ice-cream van that sells clothes? I didnt see that article but I love reading things like that, they are so clueless it makes me laugh. I think fashion is so seemless these days that I would be hard pushed think of anything that looked last season, certainly never a leo coat - get it on its freezing ;-)

Cora said...

Actually that article in the Guardian you are referring to suggested NOT to wear heels to LFW but flats: "Instead, opt for wellingtons. Excellent for schlepping between E1 and W11 on a rainy Sunday morning. Only try-hard socialites do stilettos – a motto to live by."
Link: http://www.guardian.co.uk/lifeandstyle/2010/feb/17/how-dress-london-fashion-week

ruz said...

Yikes, those are some killer heels...must admit I've been a bit tempted to go indulge in a bit of people watching round SH but I fear being five foot zero and owning no heels (tragic, I know) might make me stick out in a not so desirable way. Will continue to live vicariously through yr pictures though!

Julia said...

So much leopard! I think it's totally a London thing now because it hasn't even made a 1/100th of a splash in NY. I'm sad but kind of glad that FW has moved from my city onto yours, at least the street isn't full of unstoppable stunning supermodels to remind you that you are not one of them. haha

StyleSpy said...

Hey! Stop apologizing!! We don't care if it's day one or two or 36 -- we just love the pictures!!!

I feel your pain re: your sister. My mother never reads my blog. My own mother!!!! Harrumph!!

jill said...

Oh, my mom reads it, daily. That's how she knows my whereabouts. Why do you think I don't curse?

Modelizer: I think so, too. It's unbelievable how much leopard I've been seeing - often I won't shoot someone because they're wearing it. That said, I'm wearing mine today just because it's my warmest coat!!

Everyone: thank you. Will reply properly later, just trying to get across town for Ashish's 9:00 show. I don't have a ticket but have a friend so we'll see... fingers crossed ; )

jill said...

p.s. Julie: re: Burberry I THINK it's held @ the Topshop Flower market but check the schedule. It's all on the website, just google London Fashion Week, BFC, you'll find it. It's a really well organised site - the whole organisation is just brilliant.

jill said...

p.s.s. and Cora: thank you!!! You're right. When I read the quote I remembered that part about the Wellies. Oh, good. The Guardian & I are totally on the same page then ; )

Okay, no more comments from me!! later babes

daisychain said...

Amazing post lovely <3

the Citizen Rosebud said...

God, you're awesome. And the photos as usual are delicous.

Style Odyssey said...

This is all so fabulous, with witty and wise advice, too (such as- heels can be deadly, which I see from the terrain! oh, and this one i like too: don't worry about what you're wearing- even if it's PJs. lol!)

So many awesome pics, I don't know where to start, just will say they are, as Citizen Rosebud commented, "delicious".

Hey, did you go to Burberry Prorsum show? I'm watching the stream- I love their stuff, and the odd color combinations at the first part of the show.


Anonymous said...

I'm going to London this friday, for 4 days, and I'm soooo excite! watching your blog is a great "preview" about people and fashion there. ps: hope to be shooted by you ;)

Francesca - Florence, Italy

Lucy said...

Hey Jill!!
Was so wonderful to meet you the other day at fashion week and wander around with you!
I cheekily sportted you on the front row of Ashish!!! Well done hehe!! I tried to catch you after but couldn't see you.
I was at the back but got good shots, il be blogging about that show soon.
I really really like your blog and your writing style and totally agree with this post!

Hopefully we shall meet again!

FrouFrouu said...
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Lizzifer Jones said...

You had me at Cossack cap.