another good one

You might have noticed by now: I'm not objective. I don't make the news, ma'am, and I don't report it either: not objectively. There are plenty of trends around at any given point but I tend to the plainest, safest, what I call 'Virgo style'. I read that once, as a teen, and it stuck: we Virgos favour neutral colours like black and tan, or black and navy. I said that recently to a model, for something we did with Next (which I haven't posted on! Just remembered!) and I guessed from how she dressed that she was a Virgo. Very simple, Kate Hepburn, androgynous.. she couldn't believe it. Sure enough. Another Virgo, our birthdays were days apart.

Anyway, yes, this dress: I love it. Black and midnight blue, all these interesting panels (you should see the back). It's probably my favourite in the Goodone/Topshop collection. Here Hedvig (Northern Light) wears it simple as possible: bare legs and Acne heels.

I don't believe it! It IS online! Click here. Bodycon panel dress in black and blue by Goodone (it's hard to make out the different colours, but they're there). Thank goodness, I thought it was just in the Oxford Street branch. It's £160.00 which isn't Primark, but it's not bad either for something so original.

p.s. Just found a great example of 'Virgo style' on my lovely friend pret a porter p's post: Azzaro FW 2010.


Anonymous said...

That's a really neat dress, and I love your shoes. It's a very flattering look. Also I agree with the virgo style. I'm a virgo and I dress mostly in black, brown and olive green. It's interesting how things like zodiacs can be so telling.

Street Style said...

Beautiful photo and gorgeous dress!

Anonymous said...

Wow it looks amazing on you!

jill said...

Thank you on Hedvig's behalf: while my style is like that, the friend in the photo that I took is called Hedvig. If you click thru you can see her blog.

Damsels said...

i would agree that virgo tend towards neutrals and simplistic styles... perhaps because they are a practical earth sign ?

love this dress.!

mtg said...

i love the dress. maybe because i'm virgo too? but let's face it: Hedvig would look stunning even in some potato sack dress!