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As per previous post: there was something up with my camera that day, when we went outside the Breakfast Club in Hoxton and did our little shoots against the White Cube wall. (What can I say: we're bloggers, of course we'll end up shooting). Shini was wearing grey American Apparel riding pants - I have the same ones but it would never occur to me to style it like her, that's what I love about her. I know her shirt is vintage, but I forgot to ask where she got her skirt and fur bag. My sheer shirt is AA, too, the leggings are H&M, jacket is old and was relatively expensive - Barney's, Piazza Sempione (see, that was BM: Before Marriage. The one thing mother doesn't tell you: things change when you get married, Mr. Dot keeps me on a short spending leash).

Kit took some of the shots of me, too, thanks babe!

Speaking of Mr. D, he's already at yoga - he brought my hot pink yoga mat to save me a spot, bless him - that stuff matters more than designer goods - and I'm late. Oops I just realised: that's not the jacket. THAT jacket, I had made for me, using the PS jacket as inspiration, by a dressmaker near his family, in Herefordshire, like a riding jacket: chose the striped fabric, little velvet collar & pockets.. too dark to see, but it's there.

Coming up: Jen wears red lipstick, and gives Daniella dark 80s brows. Sorry: will link everyone later but you should know them all by now!


Pearl Westwood said...

I love your shirt, nothing beats a great big oversized shirt!

Fayoona said...

i was so annoyed i missed brunch!
hope you are good miss lovely polkadot! enjoy your new yoga mat!
x fiona

the style crusader said...

love the length of your jacket and that sheer shirt. seriously envious of that shirt... must get myself one. shini is such a style maverick. she puts things together in the coolest ways. i always love seeing her outfits. pretty sure the fur bum bag is asos. xx

Vanessa said...

great pics love your blog :)


Matthew Spade said...

re: on your last comment.

reverse sexiest, you're so right, can't say i have thought of it like that before! some of the stuff is really nice but a bit more camel would have been really nice. i haven't seen this magic watch guy but i have heard people talking about it. sounds like if you find such a gem there's no need to go anywhere else. you should do a watch post as requested by me!

really like the images in this post, thing it's all the colours both the outfits and the background. both outfits look wicked, esp like your peach leggings with the sheer shirt. bravo

Style Odyssey said...

there are so many things about this post that i just love. i'll mention a few: your outfit is terrific! i've been looking for a similar shirt. as always, you are very color savvy, which is to say, this combo is perfect on you. (more self-styled outfit posts, please! nice to see what you're wearing, and how you interpret old favorites- such an inspiration, my friend!) what label is that gorgeous bag you're carrying?

shini is absolutely lovely beyond words. i must look up her blog- did i read correctly that she has one? as for the background, i am fascinated by textures of old brick, particularly when painted white- i mean you can see the age, and it's very stark and beautiful. goes well with outfit posts. :)

Rosalind said...

I especially love that last shot of Shini - the motion works well! I really want her brown lace up boots.
You, likewise, look really great! I love the tailored jacket, shirt and brogues - the masculine spin works well on you.
I'm heading down to London on tuesday, but not for a holiday. I would explain it all here, but its quite complicated - it might be easier for you to read about the full story on my latest blog post?


adrielleroyale said...

I like your outfit - that shirt looks like it is heaven to wear :)

Susan said...

you look fab :)