just be cos

Ever since I saw Hedvig when we did the Goodone shoot (and I've seen her since, mind you - AND I haven't done all the looks from that shoot, not nearly: I just don't want to be obnoxious about it so I'm spreading it about) - I can't stop thinking about what she showed up in. She'd been to COS, which seems to be like a Reiss type chain: not super cheap but not terribly expensive either.

These were the trousers I remember her talking about in her post when she went to Barcelona (read it here: 'the hunt'). This 70s silhouette is something that I never thought I'd like - I was alive in the 70s and trust me, no matter what the spin is now, that really wasn't a great fashion decade, as fashion decades go.

But now... definitely influenced by what I saw on the runways a few weeks ago. And just the way she's styled it, with that cable jumper.. and those are the right shaped shoes for it.. and I love the colour of their bags.. I just want to wear this look now, big time.


SabinePsynopsis said...

You know what? Soon you'll find me rummaging around in all the kiddies departments... I'm seriously falling in love with the shrunken sweater look.

Anonymous said...

very beautiful and elegant! xoxo

Olivia Isabella. said...

Love love love Cos - such simple, structured and different clothes.
She looks gorgeous here; a perfectly put together outfit!
UO x

jazmine rocks @ jazzabelle's diary said...

i've never been to cos, nor looked at their website or their prices, but i bought a gorgeous plain grey cos t-shirt from a fifty pence rail at my local charity shop, i always recieve a lot of compliments when i feature it on my blog :) hedvig looks ever so lovely, i adore her jumper. funnily enough jackie is wearing a similar one in her latest post!

jazmine. xx

Matthew Spade said...

she is excellent. love both the items together. COS is one of my fav high street shops for sure, i just love everything about it. and when i want to treat myself too. the mens stuff is interesting, which more high street shops don't think is that important. yey for cos, shame i can't actually buy anything from there as they are 300 miles away from me

Family Law Firm said...

she is pretty and the outfit is so classy love

Susan said...

how pretty!

TheOnlineStylist said...

That is such an elegant look. Oh how I love Cos. Whenever I get to shop in London, I always head there. Everyone always asks me "Where did you get that??" when I wear something from there. x

Anonymous said...

Cos (kos) is hug in norwegian ;-D