breakfast club: trick of the light

From that same day that we went for lunch at the breakfast club, when my camera decided to act up. Sometimes, I swear, it's like our objects: phones, laptops, cameras, have a bloody mind of their own.

That said, I love those kind of happy accidents: that's the day I got that wild shot of Kit, being all glamorous ('just like Paris'). There's something kind of Dutch masters about these pancakes, I feel. And I can't even take any credit, it was the Canon talking.

The Breakfast Club is right off Hoxton Square but just be forewarned: on the weekends there's a queue out the door. Still, it's worth it: it's so Soho NY diner, circa 1986. In fact the whole afternoon felt like the 80s: Jen transformed Daniela simply by darkening her eyebrows, which, Dotsters, is what makes any look retro 80s, more, even, than bubble skirts or shoulder pads.

From top to bottom: Jen, Kit, Daniella. Just heard from Roz's dad: she's had some tricky times but she's a real trooper, our Roz. If you'd like, check in with her blog, her mum posted and will keep us updated.

Again, thank you: you all know who you are, and you know why. Have a lovely weekend everyone, starting NOW!! xox


Amy Jessica said...

these photos are pretty awesome, you and your friends are really pretty :) loving the blog have a wonderful weekend!




Penny Dreadful Vintage said...

ORGH. This looks delicious!


Hairstyles 2011 said...

I love the food! Delicious! Good photos!

the style crusader said...

such good food at the breakfast club. one of those amazing places where the atmosphere and vibe is just as good as the food. must go back there soon. xx

Pearl Westwood said...

I could seriously scoff that plate of pancakes right now, with a huge dollop of ice cream! That would of course make me really sick due to my allergies but hey one can dream!

styleeast said...

great portraits of the girls. And it's making me hungry for pancakes!

Roz is in my thoughts, will check out her mum's post now xx

Susan said...

oh pancakes... I am so hungry now :)
will go and check out Roz's blog.