On a grey day, going thru my shots from Holly Fulton's S/S 2011 show at London Fashion Week last month so inspiring. This show makes me excited about fashion all over again. My only complaint - and this is so niggling - is she used those iconic Louboutin pumps in either black or beige all thru the show, and that little bit of red sole just feels wrong to me.

Off to see The Kids are Alright - it's starting any minute, so throwing any old thing on, not bringing camera, going with dirty hair. Later babes. xo


San said...

Love those skirts. On the shoes, they don't have to be Los, I have red sole pumps which cost 70€. But I think the black ones would've been all right with me, I don't like nude shoes.

Thanks for your comment. Basel was just a weekendtrip, I live in Leipzig (where I was born and raised) and consider Edinburgh my hometown. However I can recommend all three of them for a visit.

Have a great weekend.

Pearl Westwood said...

I love the clutches Holly does, can pretty much leave most of the RTW I dont like the tinsle trim. I agree the CBs were the wrong shoe choice, I would have gone Kirkwood!

The Photodiarist said...

I like the print . . . the only thing I don't like about the second skirt is that the print pattern at the seams don't match.

Loca por tu Ropa said...

Lovely print!!
Kisses from Madrid..


adrielleroyale said...

Yah see I love the shoes, I love the whole thing! Love the blue bag and the designs are really fun - course I love the bright colors :) great pics/post! Xoxo

Anonymous said...

Beuatiful design,xo xo

Adorngirl said...

that would have been so fab to see the collection on the catwalk, i have loved this designer from her first showing, exactly up my street.

really great style inspiration bold vibrant and for crying out oud its blue feathers! that should make anyone happy. xx