pattes rouges (as i was saying)

Emelia, in a crochet dress by Goodone for Topshop, as before.


Angela Pluck said...

amazing dress!

Unknown said...

Amazing tights!

Rachella - flourishingfit.com said...

This looks great! Lovely blog. Hope you will become a follower of my blog too?


Anonymous said...

she's got style. Amazing!

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styleeast said...

Gorgeous - that dress is divine, and I never would have thought to put the red tights with it!x

jill said...

Thank you (on Goodone & Emelia's behalf). That's what I love about doing these 'shoots': they are so impromptu, it's a combination of a little bit of advanced notice - I don't think Emelia even saw the line I just said 'just show up in whatever you want' and we used the Cafe Nero SINGLE toilet to take turns changing it... it was a beautiful day and we sat outside and every once in a while I'd drag someone off and shoot them and then it would be like 'Next?'

fashion princess, my black mademoiselle: just about to shut down but will check it out tomorrow. Thank you for stopping by - I love when people take the time to comment! xx