like a rainbow

As I lie in bed with a fever and sore throat, sucking on a lemon lozenge the colour of this dress, feeling as exhausted as Kate Lamphear looks in this shot (exhausted, or mesmerised), I'm finding more and more shots I want to show you from London Fashion Week.

I KNOW anyone who is remotely cool is so over it, and I'm just as into moving forward as the next fashion forward fashion follower. Just not totally done yet. Is what I'm saying.

I loved the way Mark started us off with black and then brought us through a rainbow of colours, and white.. and these amazing tassels.. just can't get enough, frankly.


Anonymous said...

Get well soon!

ediot said...

im so thankful for all your lfw coverage- such great photos.
i dont understand why one should stop it just because people are"over" it. share as much as you can and get well soon- love this blog!


Ellie said...

Oh I love Kate! She does look tired though, poor thing. Also, I love the fashion shots, I find them interesting, who cares if it's not cool? Hehe x

Style Odyssey said...

feel better soon, jill. your resistance was likely low due to all the crazy-tiredness that followed LFW. and you were around so many people...that'll do it!
i sure like the first dress, that white one- it has such movement.
kate must've been exhausted but i can't tell from the photo.
and the people that are "over it"...they must have ADD, or maybe they attended too many FW shows and have "been there, done that". however, most of us weren't there, and enjoy seeing all the pics for weeks to come. i can't possibly digest everything i'm interested in, in a matter of days. keep on posting!

Nadine2point0 said...

These are beautiful shots!
Love your blog:)

Carrott said...

I love that last dress! The colour and the shape. I wish I could wear tight dresses... Anyway, I hope you feel better soon! xxx

the style crusader said...

absolutely love all the shots of the front row lot clasping their hands together and looking in different directions. this collection looked so fierce. totally agree on the fringe - i absolutely fell for fringe and feathers on the runway - they look so beautiful when you move.

p.s. no apologies for LFW posts! i love seeing them. keep them coming for as long as you like. i know i've got more to post too. just needed a mini break.

adrielleroyale said...

How fun and exotic!! Beautiful shots, I want to see more!

S said...

Everyone is sick now! Hope you get better soon. I called you last minute today to see if you were around central London to meet up for a coffee with me and Jennifer, but you must have been in bed!


Natalie Green said...

You have some great shots there, I was also at this show (must have been a little further down from you!) Wasn't it gorgeous? Especially the last dress at the end - the pure white maxi.

Take a look at some of my pics :)


Absolutely love your blog - good work xXx

Anonymous said...

sorry to pester but could someone please tell me the name of the girl in the sunnies with curly blonde hair if they know?? tia xxxxx
p.s. these are lovely photos i am so jealous of you!!

Delita said...

great job for the fab pics!

jill said...

I wish someone would tell me, too, Anonymous! I'm so curious that I'm wasting time looking thru fashion week shots.. someone had said Kate Olsen but I don't think so.. I hate to say it but these celebrities change their hair & looks so quickly they could be interchangeable.

Natalie I totally love your blog too: thank you. Actually thank you all. I see some new faces here - will check out your blogs too. xx

Alice In Fashionland said...

Hope you're better soon. Love those dresses.

daniela kate morosini said...

oh, i adore mark fast, i'm amazed at how well your catwalk photography is, i struggle so much with that! hope you're okay :) xx