chain reaction

Posting this in haste: it's a lovely sunny crisp fall day here and Mr. Dot has me on a short leash, time wise: must shower and dress and leave in 15 minutes for a countryside 'walk' (more like speed march, knowing him - he's quite type A, more like AAA battery) and pub lunch.

Been meaning to post these shots of my lovely friend Estelle - who I met, as I've met a lot of the friends in these posts, by 'street shooting' her. Her Goodone navy/black skirt is from that Goodone for Topshop series I've done, and I love the way she showed up in totally top to toe Topshop (apart from the chains and other bits of her own styling). She really got into the spirit of the impromptu shoot. (More on it scattered around past posts, starting with 'one good one'.

Speaking of street shooting, I'm definitely not stopping it altogether. I always take my camera out with me. I think what happened - what happens each fashion week - is after the intense creativity of what I see at fashion week, people on the street seem less interesting. And I'm so bored with that format of top to toe, pose them in the center facing the camera classic 'street style' shots. I prefer the safari aspect of shooting off the cuff, catching people unaware.. or the slightly posed 'street style' shoots like with Estelle here.

All her styling, all true to her style, which is always a bit biker chic, rock chick, a mix of chain and leather and tee shirts yet always, somehow, a bit... soft. Maybe it's simply her gentleness, almost vulnerability.

Anyway, enough chit chat. Better run. Her skirt is by Goodone, I'll link it later, or just go to Topshop/Goodone, you'll find it there. I love it. Roz has been having a tough time of it, by the way, but she's getting better. Will do a post later of a way you can cheer her up if you'd like. I really do feel - in the most unexpected ways - that we're all connected. All around this tiny world. Hope you're all having a lovely weekend. xox


Style At Every Age said...

She sure looks a cool chic! Thanks for your comment by the way, great idea to mix up the nail polish colours, I will have to ty that once the brush can no longer reach whats left in the bottom! Re: My Mum - we are now in the old person who no longer wants to eat or get out of bed category, making her rehab really difficult. Thanks so much for the good wishes and thoughts xxxx

Maryna M said...

She looks great) I love all this cool black pieces - flight jacket, boots, skarf - combined with chains and grey purse)))

mtg said...

LOL! can't imagine going on a countryside walk with my husband! I want to walk and "smell the roses", and for him it's just getting it done!

thanks for an update in Roz. pure thing. my neighbor had back surgery in January. she is doing well now but it took her a long time to recover.

Lovely skirt!

styleeast said...

Great style, love how she's customised the Topshop look with that necklace. Especially love the last shot, looking back.

Keep doing it your way, Jill, that's why we're all here reading this! x

Penny Dreadful Vintage said...

I'm with Style East - do things however you like, this is your place and I'm happy to look at whatever you do x

Susan said...

love the jacket! :)