man dog building

Last night, we were watching Robert Redford's directorial debut, Ordinary People, from about 1980, on DVD. Amazing how, stylistically, that film holds up. In every way, actually. GREAT film. I was watching Mary Tyler Moore's clothes in every scene and apart from where she goes mental on the golf course (possibly because she was wearing a navy top with some kind of plaid wacky patchwork skirt that DID NOT WORK), her clothes in every scene are spot on, bang on trend: neutral camels and browns and high waisted trousers like what Hedvig wore recently ('just be Cos').

The son, played by Timothy Hutton, is wearing the same rust suede 'bomber' jacket in most of the scenes, and it's the exact same one that my dad had, which is now mine, and much cherished. I think of that jacket as an extension of my dad. It's so iconic, could be from the fifties, or sixties... MTM, his mum in the film, even wore a designer 70s/80s version. So when I saw this man the other day - the same day I shot Emma, when there were no 'street style' shots but I was doing a lot of photographic colour studies - he actually popped into a shot I was taking off the cuff of a building cause I liked the turquoise and chocolate.

I never saw his face: just trailed him a few blocks until a light turned red and he gave me the slip. But in his place as he crossed - this is a true story - was this dog.


Style Odyssey said...

'mary tyler moore goes postal because of bad fashion choice', lol!!
would you believe i have never seen that movie?
good color-scheme spotting, jill. dog, bomber jacket...

jill said...

heehee. i knew you'd like that, stephanie!

it's like this is an invisible post, i don't expect most people to read it. glad you did, thanks for your comment sweet pea xo