+J, continued: the evolution of manual dextrity

More from yesterday's +J Launch (and one year birthday) of Jil Sander's A/W 2010 collection @ Uniqlo on Oxford Street (it's all available online, pets, btw: all 150 pieces).

It was fascinating for me to see such a range of women - and men - who would fit the 'Jil Sander' style. There literally is something for everyone, as seemingly simple as her clothes are (and just to let you know: Jil Sanders is not designing the Jil Sanders line: it's a long story. But basically, after not creating anything for a while, she is designing exclusively for Uniqlo, and hats off to them for giving her this opportunity).

Maybe it's because we share the same name: although I've not met this woman, I like how she thinks. I feel like changing my blog name to +Jc, as an homage. What do you think?

What fascinated me as I ran around snapping for about a half hour, was how style savvy people are. Yes it looked like they were having fun - it felt like an intense little mini fashion week - but I also saw images of people scrutinising the clothes, then trying stuff on - most didn't even bother queuing, they were literally trying stuff on right out in the open - and really appraising themselves, how a cut or colour complimented their own, UNIQUE image. I like, for example, how Tyler found herself the perfect hat, in the men's section.

I feel like I learned something new yesterday about how we style ourselves: if you think about it, we're the only species that has that choice, and it probably has something to do with 'opposable thumbs' - but I can't quite put it into words.


Rhai and Coi said...

Amazing photos!




Pearl Westwood said...

Ah of course, without the opposable thumbs we woudnt be able to snaffle things off the rails!

jill said...

EXACTLY, Pearly Pearl!

styleeast said...

The girl in the first picture is gorgeous, what a beautiful shot, Jill. That is what I'm growing my hair to (hopefully) look like! I really love Uniqlo anyway but this collection looks special - will pop online now for a peek xx

Anonymous said...

Great pictures - capturing the emotions of women when they shop. There is something very 1930ish about the fashions

Style Odyssey said...

tailor just sparkles with life! and such luminous skin that you have somehow magically captured.

first photo- her eyeliner is perfect. not easy to get that cat-eye effect (i guess one needs a certain shaped eye to pull off...and loads of dexterity.) her plaid flannel shirt looks just like the men's shirt i bought in tennessee at...walmart, of all places- because i was cold, and i totally adore the shirt. xoxo

Susan said...

fab photos- as always! :)