little snippets of shiny thoughts

A colourful departure from my BWT (black white tan) series: the lovely, effervescent Lucy, of Snippets of Shiny Thoughts. I love that name, and I Love Lucy.

I haven't known her that long, or spent that much time with her - I'd guess I've known her about six months - but she's one of those rare human beings who you just feel so safe with. She listens. She's kind. She doesn't seem to have a bitchy bone in her body.

And she has such a contagious smile. I defy you to spend time in her company without smiling, too.

I didn't crop these shots, which I took in the press room of fashion week on Day Three, just got really close in. Lucy had already coloured her hair herself, but stopped into the Mac beauty salon place to get a trim. It wasn't until later when I looked at them that I realised: little snippets of shiny thoughts, sprinkled like fairy dust on her perfect, English rose skin. Oh and p.s. when I went to her blog to tell her I'd finally posted these shots, I saw she's assisted on a shoot for a really brilliant eyewear line called APRIL EYEWEAR. Click here, see the post, isn't it fabulous!!


styleeast said...

What a beautiful series of shots. I too love Lucy!

the style crusader said...

absolutely love the third shot. her hair looks so cool. i definitely love lucy too, everything you said about her is so true. it feels like her enthusiasm for life oozes out of her every pore. lovely lovely girl. xx

Shopgirl said...

The hair and the lipstick - I love that.

Separation Lawyers said...

such a pretty haircolor really cute

Lucy said...

Jiiiiillll! You are so kind to have posted such beautiful words about me - I'm very much blushing now but really appreciate such kind words!
I love the shots - my hair will never (and hasn't yet) look that good again!
You're a lovely lady - thanks for linking! Ill link this to my next page :)
Lots of love - see you friday!

Devonately said...

Love how she overly defined her lower lashes, like Penelope Tree.