tobi: goodone

Next up in the series: Tobi, of Style by Queens. She's also a bit handbag obsessed and has a wonderful blog aptly called BAG WARDROBE.

The day we were doing the shoot, I didn't give her any warning. We had made a plan a few days ago and then I only knew about the plan the day before, and she and I were meeting Natayla for cupcakes @ the Hummingbird Cafe (first thing in the morning: not a smart idea. I had such a migraine later!).

So when I did her shoot, I was having trouble with the light: too dark, too light.. I just kept making her post over & over & over, shouting out things from a distance (my lens makes people really close) 'shoulder higher' 'more to the left' 'no, YOUR left'.. it was hilarious. She's such a good sport and such a sunny soul and a lovely friend.

I love this dress.. did a shoot the next day, with Mr. Dot, in the rain. I'm pretty sure that's how I got this little bug. Will post that one, too. Eventually.


Kit said...

What a beautiful dress. Don't know if you've realised the polaroid shot of Fred Butler from my post....that Fred was wearing Goodone?! Hahaha

Miki said...

Lovely pics, Jill! She looks like a happy person.

Hope you're feeling better now!



LittleRachael said...

GREAT photos, I love that dress!!

Little Rachael Vintage

jill said...

Thanks Little Rachael, Miki.. yes feeling a bit better but was out all day and I might have gone out a bit too soon. It's good to be home with a nice cup of tea! Was just thinking of you actually: when are you moving?? : )

Kit I just looked on the polaroid post: how did you know that was Goodone? Lovely to see you today!!


StylishForever said...

gorgeous dress, i love love it!