oh you pretty things: lulu's lovely lips

It's grey and dark and wet here in London today: right out of a Dickens novel. I can't help thinking about Roz ('twisted embrace') and her family, arriving here from the countryside, and the way Roz's mum wrote last night in an email "While I’ve been typing this, I’ve been listening to the sound of hearty giggling rising from downstairs – Roz and her younger brother, from the sound of it – rolling around on the floor and quoting bits of Monty Python’s Flying Circus to each other!"

The '33' in Chile have got me thinking about heroism, and the idea of courage. I can't imagine what kind of courage it must take to be 15 and preparing for major surgery tomorrow, but to me, the heroism (or heroinism?) isn't just in the act of doing it, it's in keeping a sense of humour. Again, it's that Grace thing.

From top: Acne Hybrid Suede Cut In Wedge Ankle Boots ('that's easy for you to say', as my dad would say), Low Luv Sharks Tooth Cuff by Erin Wasson, and Pewter Lips Clutch by Lulu Guiness.

While visiting Susie at My Wardrobe, shooting and admiring all the pretty things, she mentioned they'll be involved with Vogues's Fashion's Night In, on 1st November. Have you heard about it? I'm trying to think of some way to cheer Roz up who should be home recovering around that time. In the meantime, if you want to send her a get well card, just email me (jill@haybooks.com) & I'll give you a London address.

Shot on another grey day - there is something quite spiritual, for me, in that light - at My Wardrobe. Thank you Susie! xx


jazmine rocks @ jazzabelle's diary said...

oh my, the wedges are amazing, plus i do love lulu guinness' lips bags. when you send me the photographs, please do pop in the london address for roz! xx

Pearl Westwood said...

Pretty things for a dreary day! Will FB you about Roz, our wonderfully brave blogging chum xx

mtg said...

beautiful jewelry! Roz is on my mind. I will participate in "mummy scissors" project and will also send her a card! As I was reading your email I thought how many of us (style bloggers) are out there dealing with some kind of physical pain on almost daily basis? fashion used to be so superficial to me, but not anymore. it's a creative outlet that helps us to cope with whatever we are coping with.

I like the idea of using tiny scissors that come with the needle and thread kit. I think I'll have to copy you. I hope you don't mind!

Susan said...

oh that lips clutch is so cute!

Anonymous said...

I preferred your blog as actual street style it was more unique

jill said...

Anonymous - in hindsight, years on - you're right. Looking back, why was I going around, selling stuff?

But you can't keep on doing streetstyle forever. It's been done to death now. Always, creatively, you've got to move on, evolve. Grow.

Whoever you are, I know you're not reading this, but I just wanted to say, you were right.