attitude is everything

It was Day Three of LFW had a precious few minutes to actually hang out, outside at the Lavazza truck like I loved doing in previous fashion weeks. Jen, the Style Crusader, was feeling chilly so I loaned her one of my favourite fashion items, my mom's old camel coloured suede car coat coat, ripped in a few places (Shini showed me how I can repair it tho: an actual attempt at DIY, or rather, make do and mend).

Rhianna, who I first met the previous September fashion week, showed up with her friend (I forgot his name: nice guy). We were chatting a few minutes and then Jen saw these guys and went to take their photos. It was one of those 'don't you know who I am moments' but we truly don't know who they are.

It's funny cause we were in Hoxton yesterday - went back to the Breakfast Club for a breakfasty lunch, after having such a great time on Thursday (Jen's already posted about it - I haven't even uploaded yet), and as we drove down Old Street Mr. Dot pointed someone out and said 'look at her hair' - it was Rhianna, with a friend's six year old daughter! Ran out, quick chat, big bear hug, back in the car.

It's meant to be 70 degrees fahrenheit today - in OCTOBER! - and sunny, so we're heading out of London to swim outside in a heated pool, but I wanted to get another post up in my black white and camel series. Just a few shots taken within minutes of each other. No point to this post, really, except I'm starting to think that attitude is everything.


styleeast said...

Gorgeous shot of Jen, despite the fact she's clearly cold, she looks great in your old jacket. And, I agree, attitude is everything, especially at LFW!

the style crusader said...

this post is so funny - i love the comment that we actually didn't know who they were. i still don't. but i do think they've got quite cool style. the two guys must be twins (don't you think??) their hair is pretty awesome. love the second two shots. she is fierce and the shot of him with the lines of the umbrella is awesome.

hope the swimming is divine. p.s. the first shot of me is one of my absolute favourites. thanks for lending me the jacket - i was literally quivering! xx

Matthew Spade said...

love the bottom image mostest

Olivia Isabella. said...

Ah ha, I love you didn't really know who they were; I don't either!
Jen looks lovely in the coat!
UO x

ediot said...

such great shots. thanks for sharing! hope you had a great weekend

Anonymous said...

Anonymous here again, the 2 guys are Kyrone and Kadeem Oak (and yes they are twins), they opened the Ozwald Boateng show (I recognise them because that was the pickup line they used on me later on in the night).
Dont know who the other two are, im guessing more models!

Ĭn-Ān'ə-Mĭt Ĭg-Zĭs'təns said...

W H O W E A R E / /.