the emperor's new clothes

Before shutting down, I thought I'd finally take a look online at yesterday's Chanel show. Obviously everyone knows Chanel is the best show in the best city in the world: the icing on the cake, the grand finale of the whole fashion thing.

And obviously, I don't know what I'm talking about.

But as I carefully clicked through each shot on style.com, I viewed it as if I was back at the Earl's Court London Gala fashion student's show last spring, standing on the end of the runway in the photographer's pit. And, from that angle - imagining it was a student show, and not Lagerfeld - I found the whole collection all over the shop. I mean, these two are the closest to a similar theme.. It looked like some kind of weird parody of Chanel clothes. Unlike what Coco was known for: making clothes that made women beautiful, instead I was watching the most beautiful women in the industry, looking.. not so hot. In my humble opinion.

Maybe I'm totally wrong. I must be. Yes granted I liked the little tweed suits with hot pants, that's cute. And it must have been incredible to see this show, with the shrubbery laid out like Versailles (were the bushes really black?). The whole theatre of catwalk shows, whatever music was playing, the buzz and energy of all these beautiful, famous, powerful people.. there is no question, for me, having just come off an intense round of excellent shows in London, that currently, the catwalk, as theatre, is channelling (sorry!) some kind of cross between the best rock concerts of the sixties, or the height of opera in previous centuries.. but just looking through those photos, silently, as photographs.. sorry mate, wasn't doing it for me.

I had planned to do a post about how excited I was, and pick my favourite outfits. I do like the white dress, above left, but I saw so many shows I preferred right here in London - by designers I haven't even yet shown you. And while the model with his real son are both cute as a button, well let's just say I wouldn't want my husband going out in that outfit.

Maybe it's one of those 'you had to be there' situations. God knows, I wasn't. And with this attitude, I'm unlikely to be any time in the near future.

(Thank you to style.com for letting me steal your photos. Thank you to YOU, dear Reader, for letting me rant. And PRET, I do agree: Ines's return IS a big thing! ; )


Ms. Scotch said...

I happen to completely agree with you. It makes me want to say "Sorry, love, but not tonight." Oh well. I love Chanel but every now and then they do things that are completely not my taste. As a positive note- I am terribly excited about Ines's return!

Vanessa said...

I really like them all..looks great.

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