dog eat dog

On Thursday (Guy Fawke's Day) I was walking thru Primrose Hill after a lovely long lunch with my wonderful friend, Bronwyn, and saw, ahead of me, this couple. Intrigued by the striped knit dress and the ear muffs, I considered catching up to ask to shoot her, when this alleged incident occurred.

The ironic thing is: the bigger white dog isn't their dog! Theirs is the silly little one, the one being eaten. You'd think they'd be more concerned, but they kept walking. (Note how the white dog matches the couple's outfit).

I did later meet the white dog's owner, who was charming. As is his dog. Turns out, he was just being friendly. Which, in this dog eat dog world, can hardly be a bad thing.

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Pearl Westwood said...

Oh don't get me started on ignorant dog walkers. It is illegal in my park for your dog to be off lead - quite right as it backs onto a main road. But every day my dog walk encounters one of these people, and I end up yelling at them to get the dog back on the lead, away from my dogs (always on leads)! Your dog might only want to play but mine is guarding her puppies and might bite!! They generally look as uninterested as this pair!
- rant over, very nice ear muffs!!