the mysterious man in the christopher kane crocodile dress

You've probably seen him before: everyone was shooting this guy @ fashion week. I got to know him quite well - he's got a lovely smile which he tries not to use in photo poses - and every time I asked his name, he'd tell me, so softly I never quite caught it. I really should do a whole series on his different looks each day, but, like the mystery man himself, I only come across his puck like face every now & then. He appears, and just as quickly, disappears.

At this angle, his Christopher Kane crocodile dress (cleverly worn as a tunic) has the freak effect of seeming to jump out of his stomach, like some strange primordial swamp creature from the black lagoon. Or, Aliens.


The Photodiarist said...

I LOVE that necklace of his. I would wear that in an instant. Hey - Congrats for the Honest Scrap award! Loved reading more about you. Great stuff. And just so you know, I simply love it when you comment and you write a long one. And you have been an absolute gem for leaving me up on "Hats Off" for so long! Love your work (as you can see, I hardly miss a day or a chance to comment on your blog). Now I am writing a long one:-)

Susan said...

he's definitely stylish :)