@ the KTZ show in September. There are so many shots I still haven't shown you! (Not to mention, recent street shots that are queuing up).

And the funny thing is, I keep looking for other things & then finding something I'd forgot all about. It's a bit like shopping my closet, only different.


Zara said...

wow, the KTZ look is very... outlandish. haha i think i'll have to get used to it. love the blog xoxo

The Photodiarist said...

That's awesome . . . shopping in the computer closet for awesome pics. I do that too. And sometimes that picture that seems unappealing on wednesday looks really good on Thursday . . . just like my clothes!

jack bespoke said...

that top is kickass..christ. and the hair.
well done lady, welll done.

great blog!


StyleSpy said...

Ooh!! I want to go shopping with that blonde woman! Fantastic outfit! And she'd better never leave me alone in her home with her jewelry box -- I want everything she's wearing! Who is that?


Susan said...

I love the looks on the first photo so much!

Jazz Virtue said...

I love that top and the glasses!

folktime said...

i love love love everything about the first shot


Cristi Silva said...

That woman may have just become my new style icon! :) glad you posted it!

dot said...

It's funny... I think she might have been pregnant. Heavily so. Must go back to the shots & try to find another one of her..

thanks girls!!! ; )

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Anonymous said...

Sorry I know this is 9 months late, but is that Roisin Murphy in the first pic?